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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by floyd2zapper, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. floyd2zapper

    floyd2zapper Registered+

    Hi this is going to be my first grow for all to see. The pics are 13 days from seed. will update regulary good or bad grow so you can learn from my mistakes with me.Any regular growers please help me out by pointing out where am going wrong.

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  2. floyd2zapper

    floyd2zapper Registered+


    some more pics of the little ladies i hope.

    Can anyone tell me why my leaves are curling look at pic 1 looks bad another just starting.All advice welcome.But remember am a beginner so be gentle.
    My ph is 6.1 now and nutes cf 18-20.

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  3. klup

    klup Registered+

    tin foil?

    still look nice
  4. MeatRulz

    MeatRulz Registered+

    how close is ur light to the plants?
  5. floyd2zapper

    floyd2zapper Registered+


    it's mylar but looks like foil.

    light is 24 inches away. its an air cooled 600w hps will put closer over the next few days. trying to break them in gently.
  6. postmandave

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    looks like a over fert prob but would need some more info . like temp and the nutes you are using.the prob with some nutes is that the instructoins on amounts to give are way out sometimes and some strains just wont have it heres a link to a thread that may help you out .nice set up mate good to see more uk growers doing their stuff .be safe the postman.
  7. postmandave

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  8. floyd2zapper

    floyd2zapper Registered+

    Hi postmandave.

    temp is 83f and am using ionic grow current strength is cf 18-20.
    if you spot things i can do to make the grow better please point them out.

    Thanks for the link very useful. CHEERS
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  9. bud breath420

    bud breath420 Registered+

    lookin great so far good job
  10. floyd2zapper

    floyd2zapper Registered+

    Thanks Bud breath420.

    I will add more pics when they look different.
  11. floyd2zapper

    floyd2zapper Registered+

    Hi all sorry for the the delay in posting here are some pics at 21 days old.

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  12. floyd2zapper

    floyd2zapper Registered+

    ak47 at 31 days from seed

    Here are my recent pics at 31 days old nutes at (1260 ppm) and ph (5.9).
    My tallest plant is 18" and three are at 15" and 1 stuck at 8" I took 2 clones of each today will leave them for a week then force flower just to sex them.
    Then dump the males and keep the best female as a mother plant.


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  13. BlueBear

    BlueBear Registered+

    How much hight do you have to work with? Those WW's can do some serious streching. I would think about swiching that 18 incher pretty quick or you could be looking at a 4 footer.
    Hope all is well, seem to be doing good.
  14. floyd2zapper

    floyd2zapper Registered+

    Hi BlueBear good to hear from you i have 9 foot so plenty of room to grow.
    I have taken some clones to sex my plants with am looking to keep any females as mothers so dont want to flower them hoping to keep them in veg
    for a long time.

    Take it easy BlueBear.:thumbsup:
  15. puffyjoe

    puffyjoe Registered

    Your grow is looking good Floyd :) ... Looking real good considering this is your first grow, looks like you have done your homework !!! What ferts are you using? I am trying to figure out which ferts to buy so I am open to all suggestions...
    I hope alot turn out to be girlies for ya, keep us posted, and keep up the good work:thumbsup:
  16. floyd2zapper

    floyd2zapper Registered+

    Hi puffyjoe,Am using (ionic grow) as i they are meant to help with the ph of the res and have to say they seem to work as my tap water is (ph7) and after adding ionic grow it normally sits at (ph6) so they been ok for me so far.

    Take it easy.:thumbsup:
  17. floyd2zapper

    floyd2zapper Registered+


    Hey all, Here are a few pics of my clones any advice on when would be greatly appreciated are they to big to small to many leaves as am not sure ive never taken clones.They are wilting a bit is this to be expected. Cheers :thumbsup:

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  18. BlueBear

    BlueBear Registered+

    Sorry I can't see the clones do to the old vision thing, but yeh, they look like they want to call it quits at first, for the first couple days at least. What is your cloeneing set up? Dome, heating pad, floros exc that may help me to understand a little better. Did you use rooting gel or powder? However bad they may look, don't give up on them to soon some go for almost a week looking like they are doing the limbo and then bounce back.
    9FT, you are a lucky man. LOL
  19. postmandave

    postmandave Registered+

    spectacular grow floyd. thuis is a prime example of doing your homework before you get down to growing well done mate .one of thos ak clones would make a good mother for me lol:thumbsup: since you are a uk grower we could maybe do a trade with some cuttings in the future. nice grow and set up mate well done. be safe the postman
  20. floyd2zapper

    floyd2zapper Registered+

    Cheers, BlueBbear and postmandave.

    My clone set up is a (propogator) (220w fluorescent pl4 prop light)(clonex gel)
    And no heating mat but will buy 1 when i get paid.Can you tell me the ideal temp for the clones to be in.Today it's 84 hot day today.yesterday it was about 76.I know this fluctuation in heat can't be good.

    And postmandave am always open to suggestions on trading.

    Take it easy lads. CHEERS

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