[Alabama Petition] Decriminalize and Legalize Marijuana

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    Decriminalize and Legalize Marijuana

    Petition by Brandon Marvin

    To be delivered to The Alabama State House, The Alabama State Senate, and Governor Kay Ivey

    Time to end the ridiculous concept of criminalizing a plant that grows naturally and has been used medicinally since 2737 B.C. and is scientifically proven to be safer than the use of alcohol and/or tobacco.
    There are currently 71 signatures. NEW goal - We need 100 signatures!

    Alabama ranks 47 in Education. In Health; Ranking 43rd overall, Alabama has the highest diabetes rate in the nation, at 13.8% of adults—a 17% increase over the last two years.

    Meanwhile, Colorado has the lowest rates of obesity and diabetes in the United States. It ranks eighth for the second year in a row (in Health). Colorado ranking 18 in Education.

    In the fiscal year that ended in June of 2015, recreational pot in Colorado brought in a total of $129 million in state taxes ($129,136,316 to be exact.)

    Continuing to criminalize Marijuana in 2018 is not only immoral, it is fiscally irresponsible. State-regulated Marijuana will ensure that the plant is controlled, people are not locked up for a using a plant that is safer than Alcohol, Tobacco, and prescription drugs, keep the plant out of the hands of teenagers, and fund Education, Health Programs like ALLKids, and grow a brand new industry to create jobs. There is literally no downside. Time for change!

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    To get politicians to support your cause, you have to appeal to their desire to help their fellow man and feel that their support would be a magnanimous decision that helps their constituent base. Your petition is argumentative and will only propel legislators that don't support marijuana to dig their heels in and keep thinking that marijuana is the plaque of mankind.
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    You only get one chance to make a first impression and your going to impress a lot of politicians with your petition.

    You should find out as much as you can about every single legislature in your state, especially their political views and what prompted them to become a state politician. Everything is at play. It's quite common that someone gets into politics due to a single or very limited number of reasons. For example, maybe some decided to run for office because they felt the state wasn't paying enough attention and spending enough money for the educational system, or possible the person think the criminal system is broke.

    Every politician has a story. Find out their story and craft a letter for that politician in which marijuana can help them achieve their political goals.
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    I agree. Not the petition author, but wanted to share in case others wanted to sign. Definitely could use some word crafting.
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    You have my vote to handle the situation.

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