Alaska, Alaskan thunderfuck or Matanuska Thunderfuck

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by JohnWaynebud, Oct 10, 2009.

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    Has anyone ever smoked the original? I'm wondering if it had a green almost piney taste. The high hits light a hammer, and your heart is thumping; which transitions into a cerebral up with a strong body stone; laer with some visuals of green and purple in the correct lighting. Damn this so called Alaska is good!
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    I recently came into possession of 40 clones from original genetics. I was given a sample from the original grower, (she's had the strain since before it went extinct and doesn't sell) and all I can say is it's a mind fuck and a half. I've never seen plants grow this fast.
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    Sounds like it is immensly improved since 1975.
    As I remember it tasted pretty nasty, I was not impressed with it myself, others thought it was great.

    I sure as heck wouldn't waste my growing skills on what we had back then.
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    ATF is the shit

    this was 20 yrs ago and very elite then,

    the dude that came from Alaska knew what he was doing way back. Yes was a little piney and dark green with red and white hair,

    some was crossed with Afghani X Haze and ATF X NL#5 there is no better,
    if you have this keep this and replicate, highly sought after by the old school.
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