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Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by local250, Oct 11, 2009.

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    So after years of believing ATF to be extinct in it's original form, I came across a grower recently who has been growing ATF for personal use only for the last 20 years, using the original genetics of the clones they got back in the late '80s. She reluctantly gave up some clones to me and was wondering if anyone knew anything about the strain that might be unique to this particular strain. Thanks in advance.
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    All I can say is awesome strain, it would be improper to say anymore, that strain is not available to just anyone.:pimp:
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    They've been vegging under a 1000W HPS with an umbrella hood for about 6 days and are about 14" so far. Trying to determine what kind of a set up to use for this show. Planning on 16 lights. NFT?
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    our local expert on 'Matanuska ThunderFuck', is probably 'StinkyAttic' :thumbsup: ... it's one of her favorites, if I remember right ... she pops in from time to time ... keep this thread alive, and she may see it ... :smokin:
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    you can get that strain in bean form :thumbsup: Now-adays you can get just about any strain in bean form S-1 S-2...... But a clone is way better from a friend especially:hippy:

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    Sativa Dom strain.....Indoor Growth Finished height 30" to 36".....flowered at a cutting height of 8" to 11".....Flowering time 55 to 65 Days.....Potency: 4½ out of 5

    This strain will just about tripple in size from onset of 12/12 to finish.... if you are 15 inches now you will be 40-45 inches finished:thumbsup:(Bracing required)

    The growth reminds me of my Sour diesel...... fast and hearty
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  7. local250

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    Thanks for the input everyone. We've changed our plans from flipping these to mothering all the clones we have right now and taking about 400 new clones. If anyone's grown this strain, any peculiar details you know about it would be appreciated.
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    Well the thing about that strain its a Long Flowering Period and when you do put it in flowering make sure your PH level is about 6.5 to 7 if not that you will have a shitty Crop
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    True Alaskan Thunderfuck is Indica and thus has shorter flower period..Have heard that true Alaskan can withstand frosts it is such a hardy indica outdoors. Bred for harsh Alaskan conditions.
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    Would this strain be a knockoff?

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