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  1. harris7

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    First things first, I am growing Dutch.Lover

    As we near flowering I thought I would start our Grow log :Rasta:

    The next few posts will give you all the info about my grow


    The Room

    It is a closet which is aprox 7ft x 2ft x 8ft
    I built a bench in it so that I can put the ventilation through the rooms floor (see pics)
    The room is obviously covered in the thick which one side, black the other plastic
    It has been split into two areas: Veg 2ft x 3.5 x 7 ft / flower: 4.5ft x 2ft x 7ft
    -I will also have a cloning/seeding area which has not been built as we have been using the flowering chamber for that not with the HPS though

    -For vegging we have a 400W MH (36 000 lumens)
    -So that’s 5150 Lumens/sq ft
    -For flower a 400W HPS (50 000 Lm) with 4 odor neutralizing CFL’s each 1600 Lm
    -So that’s 6250 Lumens/sq ft

    The ventilation has a forced intake and exhaust. With one inline duct fan(165 CFM) for exhaust and two smaller unrated fans for intake. (see pics)
    Temps are in the range of 77-82 F when lights on.

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    -Top soil
    -Peat moss
    -Black Gold organic potting soil
    -Organic Worm castings
    -Chicken Manure ****** (do not use)

    -Grow, Micro, Bloom by Advanced Nutrients
    -Vitamax by Grotek
    -Flouralicious Bloom (organic) by General Hydroponics
    -Sweet (haven’t used yet)
    -Fish Emulsion (organic)
    -Bone and Blood meal (organic)
    -Growth Excel (organic)

    Use- generally mixing it at full strength. (Gro:Mico:Bloom:Vita at 2:2:0.5:2.5 mL per L)
    -we only started using vitamax one week ago
    -we foliar feed with growth excel 6 days a week when the lights go off (3mL per L)
    -we mixed some bone/blood meal in the soil mix. More blood in the vegg pot. And more bone in the biggest pot as they’ll be flowering in them

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    Started From Clone:
    -Champagne 2 plants + 6 rooting clones
    -Hog 1 plant
    -Mud 1 plant
    (not a “real” strain it was named mud as a friend cloned a bunch of plants he found growing in mud)

    Started From Seed:
    -Dutch Treat 3(but maybe 2) plants
    -Atomic Northern Lights 1 plant
    -BC Big Bang 3 seedlings
    -Bag seed 6 seedlings

    -All mature plants 100% females
    -attached is all the plants labeled

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    Problems to Date:
    -Chicken Manure was used (How the politicians would say it, no blame placed)
    -Due to the manure we burnt and stunted some plants mainly the two smallest clones and the mature plants started from seed
    -It also has a really bad pH so many of the plants have been having minor lock out problems
    -Little bit of heat stress as they grew too close to light. One reverted to 3 bladed leafs

    -We had a seeding area under the veg chamber so we seeded 7 bag seed and with the low ventilation it got too hot (with just a T5) so they all have heat stress.

    -I’ve topped the two champagne’s and took 4 other clones off them.
    -I’ve LST’d them both but in different ways. The largest had all its lower shoots trained off to one side throughout its growth. And recently we topped and bent the main stem over so that all the side shoots were exposed (30+ growth tips now)
    -The second largest plant I topped and let it grow up. It now has 5 major growth tips that we’re training out. (were kinda comparing the yield of the techniques)
    -Trying to train one dutch treat into a circle around the edge of the pot. But, the older stem is very stiff so it’s not going too well

    The Plan:
    -planning to move the two largest plants (both Champagne) into flower very soon haven’t decided
    -Then after two weeks we hope to move 1 plant per 10 days aprox. In order to be continuously harvesting so we don’t have to deal with lots of buds at one time.
    -As well a friend who is growing in Ottawa has a male plant so is going to harvest and send some pollen to me. His strain is Fat Bastard. So that’ll be fun in about 2 months.
    -Grow 3 of the new clones 100% organic

    -I heard somewhere that mixing synthetic and organics doesn’t bring particularly good results. Is this true?
    -When you all think I should start flowering. Once I start I want to be able to keep the one plant per 10 days going after the initial 14-10 days of the first two starting flower.
    -As well the biggest plant the Champagne’s growth has really slown down since the LST I guess it is because of the diffusion of growth energy with so many growth tips. Any other ideas?

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    BTW i am growing WITH dutch.lover
  6. harris7

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    First Update

    So i'm going away for two days and the plants will be on there own.
    I watered all the ones that will need it

    more importantly i've retied one of the big plants to further spread out the top growth. It has some really nice big growth tips and when i flower i dont want them competing for light, as well it will give some more light to the small growth tips in the center.

    Now that I finished my flowering room we can flower whenever. I guess we are going to wait until the small tips on this plant get a little big bigger.

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  7. harris7

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    well i'm back and all is good. plants grew a lot. Some of them putting on two nodes :D

    as well my clones have popped roots out the bottoms of there pots. so i've moved them to 2inch under the T5

    The clones have strange yellowing patterns on them. Unlike when i've cloned b4. I assume they are using the energy to grow roots. but the thing is, they are not just yellowing on the lowest nodes, check out pics

    anyone got any ideas.

    as well my big girl still isn't growing. and its kinda worrying me. she looks good. and she's been through a lot. in the last 2.5 weeks we've repotted, topped and LSTed. She was growing after the topping and repotting, so i dont know.
    I know she isn't growing cuz of pics as well her growth tips have become dark green.

    here some pics.

    anyone else wana post :dance:

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  8. TheGreenFog

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    Hey, harris7. I remember this room from way back when I first joined. I was like, wow, somone is doing a closet similar to the one in 'my' JOURNAL. Then I didn't see much for a while. Well, last time you posted, I remember you were having doubts about cutting holes in walls/ceilings, I think. If I saw correctly, seems you decided to go ahead and give in, huh? Well, they look good so far, I like the LST'd ones. I'll keep checking in. Keep it up.

    :Rasta: RastafarI

  9. harris7

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    naa i put all the vents through the floor which i constructed. The floor is a plywood bench.

    I decided not to damage the place as it's obviously not the best idea.

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  10. dutch.lover

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    He is the brawn behind this operation, i am the brains. tee hee. Seriously tho, i will give credit where credit is due- he physically built the whole thing by himself. Awesome job.
  11. harris7

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    so i'm still dealing with the plant that will not grow...
    anyone have any suggestions to make it grow?
  12. TheGreenFog

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    Possible pH's still in veg, right? Maybe throw some superthrive on there?

    Why is Dutch.Lover banned? :confused:



  13. harris7

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    thanks for advice, i gave it some NPK and it started growin again. I guess she was hungery

    she posted on a thread that was about buying weed.
    seems kinda extreem but w/e
  14. Bree1978

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    THAT's FUNnnnny.
  15. harris7

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    one LST method

    Here is a plant I tied up yesterday, and today she has already adapted and looks good.

    As we all know there are a lot of LST methods and I have been using this one to keep the canopy low and to keep it consistent. As well some of the plants weren’t putting out large side shoots (they were shaded by large fan leafs) so this method nicely exposes the shoots.

    Here are pics of one plant I tied a week ago, I’m trying to work it into a circle, then top it, so it has lots of tips.

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  16. the image reaper

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    Harris7 ... very nice cabinet, you do good work ... I like your air circulation setup ... as for your false floor, you are in a convenient setup for my buddy's "30-degree floor" setup ... he took a clone of mine, and set it on a 'floor' , mounted on a 30-degree angle ... this allowed the overhead lamp to shower the top and entire side of his plants, for heavier mid, and bottom buds ... he would rotate the pots every day for full coverage ... this photo is the result, it was amazing! ... we had the same clones, same lamps, etc., but his yield just ran away from mine ! ... :smokin:

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  17. jamstigator

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    Aha, I wasn't sure if I had dreamed that, about the 30 degree thing! I'm thinking about trying that myself with a big ol' Durban Poison x Skunk #1 plant currently in a HydroHut with a 1k light, but I wasn't sure if I'd actually read about that, or just dreamed I had. Not sure my side branches are strong enough to handle the tilt though, but they have had a fan on them so maybe they will be. Guess I'll give it a shot tonight and see how she handles it. ;)
  18. harris7

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    That is an amazing plant, what was it's yield? or is it still growing?

    Do you think you could get the same result mounting the light on the side, and rotate the plants?

    Yea the vents work well but the metal duct makes a lot of noise. I think the sound echoes down it or something, i am thinking of replacing it with a plastic one.

    any ideas on how to make it quieter?
  19. the image reaper

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    actually, my friend, custom39, dreamed up that 'tilt' idea, he's a genius Mad scientist in real life ... :D ... he's smoking that puppy now ... :smokin:
  20. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke

    ...tell him to work on ..Emailing seeds directly from the seed banks..LOL..

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