All very new growth yellow.

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by manels1111, Jul 15, 2008.

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    Ok a couple things happened all at once so not sure what might have happened if anything.

    Plants were all doing good under 1000w metal halide.

    Was watering every couple days every other water 1/2 nutes of fox farm grow big. Plants are in fox farm ocean. So about 4 days ago I gave a first full strength feeding and then about 2 days ago I gave straight water everything was looking good. I ph the water after adding in nutes and its always between 6.0 to 7.0 generally around 6.5.

    Plants are between 4 to 6 weeks old for the most part. I switched to 1600watts worth of hps last night as well as 12/12. Sometime during the night or today popped a breaker I'm guessing this morning when the lights kicked on. No ventilation or light for at worst around 24 hours roughly.

    Almost all the new growth is pretty dang yellow looking now. I mean the new new growth. Everything has kept growing but its all yellowing from the base of the leaves and from the very inside to out. The leaves are not dropping or anything like that but its across all plants and different strains the very newest growth looks pretty yellow.

    I'm hoping it was a lack of co2 from no ventilation for 24 hours in a pretty cramped room thats causing the yellow? They didn't show any signs of yellow after the full nute feeding a week only till today when they were without light and ventilation for better part of a 24 hours.

    What do you think?
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    Addtional info,

    The plants are ranging from about 8inches to about 16 inches in height and they all are working on/from their 8 node to about their 14 node. Some of the older plants have already started to show sex. I don't know their exact age I bought them from a club dispensary, but under 18/6 they have had just started to show sex thats why I went ahead and switched everything over.

    I just did a soil run off test. I ph water to 6.3 before putting into soil. I gathered the run off out the bottom of the pots and it read 6.2. I'm not sure really how to use this number? Is that good bad?

    What are the symptoms of a co2 starved plant.

    By the way my temps around 90 max midday with a humidty of 53. Can't get the temp below that unfortunately. Cools way off at night though around 70ish.
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    I should have done this first I guess better late then never.

    Fox Farm Ocean Blend
    Added earth worm castings and a little black gold soil(not sure if national brand but its good stuff also non fertilized
    Soil runoff I added 6.3ph water through container and it came out 6.2.
    Tap well water no cholorine or anything 220ppm out the tap and ph normally 7.8 but I ph down to around 6.5 everytime.
    Plants around 4 to 6 weeks old between 8 to 14node.
    Fertilizer-Fox Farm Grow big
    Full rec every other watering which is normally 4 days
    1600w hps lights about 2 to 3 feet.
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    90 degree temps? Well that sounds like the problem buddy! I would seriously try to get an air conditioner, or stop running so many watts until you can properly cool the area. Those high temps or gonna make your buds thin and lanky with no should look into adding C02 but even then you need 85 degree temps.
    Also you can run your lights at night to enjoy that lower temp and rates, then cool your room during the day with less energy consumption during the dark period.
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    It doesn't seem to matter the watts whether I run 1000w and the 600w or just the 1000w the temp stay about the same. I have an inline fan sucking in air through the 1000w and taking it out the room. I have a full time wall mount air conditioner running nonstop in a 6'x6'x8' area. Problem is temps around 110 right now outside.
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    Here are pics of 1, I think they might be looking better already.

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    They don't look bad to me. When I first 'flip' my plants, they go through a period of new pale growth as they stretch. Some growers actually keep going on the grow nutes for the first week of flower for that exact reason!
    Keep your temps under control however you can; if 90 is as high as it ever gets, and you can guarantee that, consider adding a CO2 tank to your grow and allow the plants to take advantage of that. You certainly have enough light, and your plants look healthy enough to take it.
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    yellow stringy new growth/ ph tested

    yellow stringy new growth/ ph tested
    im having a similar problem with my bubblegum strain. i have attached a picture as to increase the odds of possibly identifying what the problem may be.....

    they are growing in cocoand are receiving a aact once a week, nutes between along with plain filtered water.

    just tested the ph runoff of a fresh water rinse: 7.06
    ppm: 648
    i feed heavy 16 bloom a and b and prime, humbolt's deuce deuce, ginormous, and honey.
    the tea feed gets brewed with ancient earth by GH, molasses and sea kelp

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    Might have better luck if you start your own thread, this one is over 3years old.
    -Also, list allllll info pertaining to your grow. (sqft / lights / etc)

    They look good, need more info.
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    Your ph is waaaay too high for Coco, you give them too much unnecessary crap, and honey has a natural antibiotic that will kill the beneficial bacteria in your medium.

    Likely a good idea to look in the growlogs for a successful coco grow, and look closely at the necessary things you need to do when using it. If your eyes aren't bleeding from all the reading (learning) you're doing...than keep reading. It's not rocket science as some would have you believe, but there IS a lot to learn.

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