alternatives for rolling papers?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by snap88, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. snap88

    snap88 Registered+

    Sup. Just wondering what else can you use to roll your weed up other than rolling paper? I dont have rolling paper because im underage, plus my friend is away. So, what other kind of material can i use to roll my weed up and its easy? Also, what kind of filter can i use? also, how do i make it so that little pieces of weed doesnt go into my mouth when inhale?
  2. HypnotizedMind

    HypnotizedMind Registered+

    just walk into a convient store ask for a pack of papers( casually ) if they say "you have an id"..rummage through your pockets and be like "damn left it at home".

    that should work.
  3. mowie wowie

    mowie wowie Registered+

    since when is that an excuse? If you can get weed you can get papers...
  4. Totalpain

    Totalpain Registered+

    A lesson to learn from this. Always get a pack of papers, and when you see that you have 10 or so left, just go out and buy some more from your friends or people you know who can get it, it's not that hard...


  5. Instead of making fun of him and saying how easy it is to get papers. how about we try and offer him some real advice as to some alternatives? that is why he posted the thread isn't it.

    Any old paper will do. even computer paper works. just make sure you aren't using paper with any ink on it. you don't want that in your lungs. as long as its clean with no dyes it should be safe. I've even rolled j's with receipts before
  6. FlipHKD

    FlipHKD Registered

    Computer paper = no go
  7. they'res no saftey risk if thats what you mean.
  8. Don Don

    Don Don Registered+

    Toilet paper should work.
  9. KaChunk

    KaChunk Registered

    Have you thought about getting a pipe?
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  10. AlwaysBlazed

    AlwaysBlazed Guest

    Computer paper tastes like shit, i had a computer paper joint once and the smoke burns so much. I get rolling papers from my dad though so im lucky, he leaves them around alot by mistake. I prefer using a piece (im using a homemade bong right now since my parents took my pieces).
  11. hammertime

    hammertime Registered+

    this chic rolled a joint with a tampon wrapper and it tasted like complete shit, but she was proud of it
  12. lil josh

    lil josh Registered+

    WTF?? tampon wrapper,Toilet paper, recipets?????

    recipets dnt usually burn properly toilet paper burns to fast and a tampon wrapper yuck!

    i would never smoke with any of the above and computer papers well to thick.

    i must admit uve used the bible paper b4 tho lol god made it he can help me smoke it.
  13. ganjah

    ganjah Registered+

    Hey i have a suggestion although ive never done i just thought of it. You know whow when you scrape the aluminum life side off gum wrappers like in juicy fruit or winterfresh. There is like a thin transparent paper which is a pretty good size joint, just wondering if it would work or if anyone has tried it?

    But i really would suggest a pipe if it at all possible. Just take good care of it and it will last a long time.
  14. lil josh

    lil josh Registered+

    o yea u know when you buy a new pair of trainers and it has that verry thin paper in the box for some reason, this is the only thing i would concider ever using altho i would rather wait a day and then get some rizla
  15. pu ekot

    pu ekot Registered+

    I rolled a (really shitty) joint with a dollar because I was high and thought it was funny. It actually wasn't that bad.
  16. SkatePopwar

    SkatePopwar Registered+

    ahaha ill dollar joints. you could sell em! id buy a dollar rolled joint for like 5-10. but um ive used that thin loose leaf, like small notebook paper. if you roll it thick enough you cant taste it at all.i also heard some dictionary paper is good. but you could ifnd something, i was thinkign of using an orbit gum wrapper, it looks perfect except it has orbit writyten on it
  17. duckfool

    duckfool Registered+

    haha you need id to buy papers in the states? harsh..
  18. led.zeppelin

    led.zeppelin Registered+

    make an apple pipe!
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  19. S.P.Q.R.

    S.P.Q.R. Registered+

    Yep, and lighters, and if the store clerk wants to be a dick... matches too
  20. SkatePopwar

    SkatePopwar Registered+

    i looooove apple pipes! there so abstractly awesome

    eating the evidence is the best part

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