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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by blink_inc, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. blink_inc

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    I have been using rockwool for two years now for my clippings.
    My problems with using rockwool is that the cubes dry out quickly requireing ongoing watering and it has been taking two weeks or more for roots to show.
    Temps are in the high 70's to low 80's and humidity is fine.
    They sit under T5's in their dome for three days and the dome is removed and they get misting every second day.

    My question is this....

    What do you use and what sort of results do you get?

    Suggestions, and thoughts welcome.

  2. Mr. Clandestine

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    I've always used the simple Jiffy peat-pucks, and have pretty much 100% success each time, give or take a stubborn ones every once in a while. Just remember to wring them out good right after they soak up water and expand, and it's also a good idea to take the netting off right from the start. They won't crumble as long as they're not allowed to dry out.

    I've also heard lots of great testimonies for Rapid Rooters, but I've yet to give those a try.
  3. LuciferN

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    I personnally make clone plain old soil with some rooting hormones, 10 day after I see the first roots under my cloning dome.
  4. IAmKowalski

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    I'll 2nd this one, I have had much better luck with peat-pucks than either rockwool or rapid rooters. Plus they're cheap and can be found anywhere. I use a generic rooting powder and peat-pucks, and place them in dixie cups or disposable coffee cups with a sandwich bag rubber-banded over the top.
  5. justanotherbozo

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    personally, i've eliminated rockwool from my garden almost entirely.
    i still germinate my seeds in rockwool because i've had 99.9% pop.

    anyway, i built myself a bubble cloner that i put 2 drops of Superthrive into
    and, like 7 days later, i get roots. it usually takes about 2 weeks to get a
    solid little root system established and ready for transplant.

    when they are ready, i just put them into pots filled with hydroton.
    like this.

    lol, justanother2cents, fwiw

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  6. blink_inc

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    nice cloner bozo. i'm considering it...
  7. wonderjoint

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    What have experiences been with this medium?
    I've read that it should be mixed with perlite or something else.

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