Altoid container?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by weed420man, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. weed420man

    weed420man Registered+

    Anyone ever use this to stash? What should i use to put it in thats relatively cool!

  2. trynagethigh

    trynagethigh Registered+

    had one for a couple of years til i left it in a rental truck ashtray when i moved.
  3. ganjzilla

    ganjzilla Registered+

    if its less than a quarter you can normally use a pill bottle which is what i use because then i break my ounces up into 4 or 5 pill bottles, that way im only carrying a q more or less on me at a time, plus it will fit in ur pocket...i find these work the best because the altoids containers and others like it will affect the smell and taste with whats left behind by the original the tops can come open fairly easy whereas pill bottles are child proofed which will keep them from popping open in ur pocket
  4. Machello

    Machello Registered+

    I Have been an altoids container user for about a year and have used pill bottles. The altoids is the superior imho. The altoids container will stay shut easily and will not pop open as they said. Also the altoids container does not affest taste if you keep it bagged. Furthermore if you got a batty or one hitter quitter it fits perfectly.
  5. Rabbit Lion

    Rabbit Lion Registered+

    hmm...sounds like a good thread idea...altoids container vs. pill bottle.
  6. ganjzilla

    ganjzilla Registered+

    haha indeed it does...i mean ive used altoids containers before...but i dont see the point in putting my weed in a baggie then in something else...its either a jar or a container or a baggie...but then again im not really worried about hiding it so i may be under different circumstances than others
  7. DreadConches

    DreadConches Registered+

    I prefer the circular altoids tins. They work pretty well. Also I like the lifesavers tins that only open if you press the center. I have never had a tin that caused my weed to take on the flavor. Just wash the tin out to get the powder out before you use it.
  8. Inegage

    Inegage Registered+

    I use my pill bottle when I'm on the go but I use my Frog Gamabunta to guard my stash at home. He's glass. Oh yeah.
  9. Straightupg

    Straightupg Registered+

    does the altoid container hide smell though? (after all the powder is washed out) it also wouldnt affect the flavor then
  10. CannabisCrooz

    CannabisCrooz Registered+

    Altoid containers do work well. I have one which I'm saving stems in. and noo I don't smoke stems. I'm just waiting for some breakthrough discovery which includes using stems for some way of getting high.

    I prefer the pill bottle for my bud, altoid tins are kinda awkward and lumpy in my pockets where the pill bottle fits nicely, also tiny keef bitties collect on the cap, and thats always a nice suprise.
  11. hero4life

    hero4life Registered+

    i use an altoids container i like because i bag my weed (about an 8th usually) and + i keep zig zags and a lighter in the tin at the same time

    though the it does not keep the smell and well as i hoped. If you had it in your pocket no one would EVER smell it but i mean if u put it to ur nose you would smell it....
  12. KomfortablyKnumb

    KomfortablyKnumb Registered+

    You can get keif from them if you throw em in a grinder.

    I prefer the pill bottle, cuz I hate breaking up weed so I grind up the whole bag as soon as I get it and then throw it in the pill bottle and you're good to go.
  13. Paramik

    Paramik Registered+

    Yeah I use it too.
    i usually hide it in the depths of my library till after school were I can blow it up.
  14. delta_9_fools

    delta_9_fools Registered+

    This is my cup containing a piece, papers, a lighter, and whatever smoking material I have at the given time. (up to approx. a half oz.)

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  15. ognickyk

    ognickyk Registered

    i just take the top off an axe can and cut the metal spray nozzle off..stash..and put the top back on
  16. justinsane

    justinsane Registered+

    ALL about ALTOIDS. Thats what I am.

    I use a pill bottle to store my bud every now and then. But I snagged a really nice glass jar from a head shop that is, no contest, far superior to the pill bottle.... though it is fun to bust out a pill bottle full of weed in front of your pals and tell them its your prescription. :thumbsup:

    I'll set up a short pros and cons list

    Altoids Container -
    Pros- Not as suspicious as a pill bottle. In fact, youd have no idea what was in an altoids case whereas a pill bottle itself is suspicious, and its transparent. "hey, whered you get those green sticky pills?"

    You can fit more than just your bud in it. It's like the stoner's suitcase! Put your bud, your chillum, your papers, your eye drops and/or your lighter in there! Damn it's a stoner's survival kit!

    Its MUCH easier to carry around in your pocket. Comparable to the size of a cellphone in your pocket.

    Cons - Well.. I guess the only con is your mom or someone else reaching for a fresh breath session only to find you love bud..

    The Pill Bottle-
    Pros - Stores bud well. Looks cool to have a prescription label making it possible to you to pull out the "oh yeah, I'm prescribed to this shiiiiit."

    Cons - hard to carry around. the damn thing's transparent so its apparent what a parent would look for. Compared to an altoids case, you cant fit anything in it besides bud...

  17. tommot

    tommot Registered+

    I keep a mini bic, a small monkey pipe one hitter, and a small bag o' ganja.
  18. SmokeyTokey

    SmokeyTokey Registered+

    I think Altoid containers are fine as long as it is the air tight one. I don't like my stash getting dried out to a crisp.

    SMOKIN A WHILE Registered+

    I try not to carry any. I smoke at home or use a ziplock snack bag. Back in the old days before digital cameras 35mm film cannisters would hold an 1/8 air tight.
  20. beachguy in thongs

    beachguy in thongs Registered+

    Put in it a humidifier, little round piece with holes. My friend gave it to me. He was a teacher at a technical college. He said if you put it in your bag, at night, it'll smoke better the next day. I keep it in my Lifesaver's tin.

    Okay, so you know what I'm talking about...

    It's about an inch in diameter. It's silver and round with a bunch of holes. I think, he said that you can pick them up somewhere simple, but, I don't know.

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