aluminum foil & alzheimer's disease...

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After reading the forum, what is your thoughts on aluminum foil?

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  1. They make a good valuable point. I won't mind using it now.

  2. I still think aluminum foils can hurt me. So, no.

  3. I don't care if it hurts me or not. It still gets me high.

  4. Hell, I've been using aluminum foil for hookas, weed, and even cooking in ovens or even open fire!

  5. I didn't even click on the link. (I don't care since I can afford a bong/vapo collection)

  1. whatsurgenre

    whatsurgenre Registered+

    I've ran across this on's forum.
    This was a sticky thread.
    See what you think and vote on if you would use it or not after you've read it.

    Click dis OMG!
  2. BobBong

    BobBong Registered+

    "Scientist can not remember if Alzheimer’s Disease causes higher concentrations of aluminum, or if it is caused by high concentrations of aluminum."

    :stoned: :stoned:

    I think more studies need to be done :)

    Interesting read though
  3. myselfandi

    myselfandi Registered+

    Habitually smoking tobacco lowers your risk of Alzheimer's Disease. So smoke aluminum foil AND cigarettes just in case! :p
  4. bullfrog

    bullfrog Registered

    Aluminum foil beeing dangerous is news to me...
    Everyone I know use it when cooking. You get the best fish ever if you make yourself a nice little fire outside, put a recently fished fish inside aluminum foil, and put it over the fire. I thought that was what aluminum foil was for?!
    I seriously doubt that's dangerous at all. I also use foil when smoking every time.
  5. shoi

    shoi Registered+

    i said i wont mind useing it but i think im more like i wouldnt be upset if i had to
  6. intrepidus6

    intrepidus6 Banned

    Aluminum foil is bad for you, mister!
  7. BobBong

    BobBong Registered+

    Melting point 933.47 Kelvin
    (660.32 °C, 1220.58 °F)

    Unless you're sparking your bowl with a kiln...I don't think you have anything to seriously worry about.:eek:
  8. BobBong

    BobBong Registered+

    still wouldn't be my choice of material though..

    Glass for Grass.. :Rasta: :stoned:
  9. S.P.Q.R.

    S.P.Q.R. Registered+

    I still won't use it
  10. CBsDankNugs

    CBsDankNugs Registered+

    i use it all the time. still alive. i think that all the stories are bullshit.
  11. shoi

    shoi Registered+

    ive used it once or twice and i dont like the taste it makes... too strong
  12. halo

    halo Registered+

    Well its good to know its not too bad for you but im still not gonna use it. I dont have to and it tastes bad.
  13. intrepidus6

    intrepidus6 Banned

    Even if the fumes aren't released from burning it(which they are, lol), you still have it on your mouth.
  14. BobBong

    BobBong Registered+

    Yea, that new edible aluminum is really becomming popular...
  15. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    That's a good point.
    Combustion makes vapor, impurities from incomplete combustion (leaving black residue, not white) can make that vapor acidic, and that combination can corrode the aluminum so it DOES become mobile.
    Plus your saliva is acidic.
    If I had to smoke out of metal, it would be either stainless steel, anodized aluminum, titanium, or bronze, which are all pretty resistant to corrosion.
  16. YouD0nt

    YouD0nt Banned

    FUCK NO!! not bronze, it tastes sooooooooo horrible... plz nvr use bronze... the time i used a bronze pipe, i got blazed but I almost threw up becasue it tasted so horrible.
  17. LIP

    LIP Banned

    Never used it, never will. I dont see the point, when you can just go but a pipe, or some real screens for a bong. I wouldnt risk it.
  18. hash in hand

    hash in hand Registered+

    incomplete combustion produces less carbon dioxide and more carbon ("black residue") and carbon monoxide. carbon monoxide is a poison because it replaces the oxygen in your blood. neither carbon or carbon monoxide are acidic and hence do not corrode the aluminium. and your saliva is not acidic (your stomach ACIDS are but not saliva), instead it contains enzymes which start to breakdown any starchy foods you eat.

    i always use AL if i'm out of people use it in the oven with FOOD and thats heated to the same (if not most likely higher) temps than a lighter and for longer time periods. so shove that in your pipe and fuck off
  19. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    You're assuming that cannabis is made of nothing but pure carbon.
    Which it isn't.
    Take coal for example, which is made of plant material. Lots of carbon but that's not all.
    The nitrates, phosphates, etc found in plant matter are still in the coal, which, when burned, releases them into the atmosphere and they are part of acid rain (nitric and phosphoric acids).

    You have a nice day too, now, y'hear?
  20. enthused

    enthused Registered+

    didnt read but i gathered info from the posts. I hardly use it but before I was a daily toker I used it ALL the time cause I didnt have anything else. now i got bongs, pipes, vaporizers galore so the aluminum just comes into play when I make gravity bongs which isnt too often anymore

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