Am I being ripped off?

Discussion in 'Minnesota (MN)' started by Titan777, Jan 9, 2016.

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    Hi friends. I'm very very VERY new to Cannabis, and I live in SE Minnesota, I was wondering if I am completely being ripped off or what.
    LOL I have bought Cannabis exactly once, and the only guy I know sells a quarter ounce for $100.
    I have no clue what different qualities there are, I have been reading that it matters if there are some kind of sticks and seeds in your stuff, and to be honest, I have no idea if my bag had seeds or not.

    Thank you
  2. DirtyBlueGene

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    I'd never pay more than $10 per gram, if I was buying it. Around here it's generally $60 per quarter oz.
  3. DirtyBlueGene

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    Ask a buddy who smokes, it could be expensive in your area for everyone.
  4. gardenermendo

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    When cannabis is trimmed for storage, a few buds will have a short piece of stalk attached to the bud, and that could become the 'sticks' you might see. Generally, when it has gone through another selection process, the stalks would be removed. The presence of a stalk would not effect the variety, and quality could still be high; however, it would be an indication that the source is being sloppy in packaging, and you're paying for the weight of the small piece of stalk which you shouldn't pay for.
    Signs of seeds directly in your bud is not good. I had one batch of Girl Scout Cookies which threw bananas and a few immature seeds, but those who smoked it, said it was still excellent. I just didn't like the bananas, and I eventually stopped cloning that plant because it was hereditary.
    You can fine pictures on the net of poor quality bud, often arriving in this country from other countries. I just visited a couple of dispensaries out of my area, and what they were able to sell as top quality, didn't impress me. All it did was make me realize I'm doing an excellent job of growing organic great bud! And I think many people can, and I highly recommend people grow their own.
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    Just had a friend bring me some "Presidential Kush: from a Washington dispensary.
    Said it was the best, "top shelf" offering,
    Label says 20.57% THC!

    Gotta call bullshit on that.
    I was negatively impressed.
    My worst popcorn "tester" buds put it to shame.

    Guess I'm spoiled and jaded. :D

    So, mo'betta grow your own, and/or, find a better connection.

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    There's more to weed than just the THC content. It very well could be an excellent smoke and high. Just not 25% TCH high. Although many people say having some CBD to balance off the TCH helps to make a better high.

    I guess it really just boils down to personal choice. I guess your friend just happens to like Presidential Kush with a TCH content of 20%.
  7. Weezard

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    You missed the point Pupp.
    Might be something you inhaled. :)

  8. polishpollack

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    And that point is, if you want it done right you gotta do it uself!
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