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Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by surfing1, Nov 18, 2017.

  1. surfing1

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    Who uses the pre filled cartridges?
  2. surfing1

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    Sorry should have put this in the vape forum
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  3. GrowGoddess

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    Not me. With a pre-mix the THC can turn to CBN over time. I prefer to make mine on the spot and add it to my own vaping device.

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    GrowGoddess, pardon my ignornance but are you telling me if I store my pre filled carts for a long period they will lose their potency by the oil changing? I always get a bunch of carts at once, whats a ball park time frame for the oil to stay potent. I do keep them stored in the dark and in a temp controlled space. Im not in a s state where I can just go buy them as needed, I have to stock up when I get the chance, thanks.
  5. GrowGoddess

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    Yes, pre-mixed, pre-filled carts do have a shelf life, and will lose potency over time. What that time frame is I cannot say. I would hope that they at least put a "born on" date on the packaging. If you have not noticed any difference with the amount you purchase and the time in which you use them, keep that in mind when stocking up.

    With my experience in storing pre-mixed cannabis e-juice, stored in the dark, at room temperature, typically lasted 3 to 6 months before noticing separation and potency decrease. This is considering only adding one chemical to my concentrate. The pure concentrate, whether it be RSO, QWET, QWIO, or BHO, even shatter, will last many years when stored properly.

    I have always recommended to make and mix your own whenever possible. I do understand for many, this is not an option.

    In case you did not know, the FDA is working on heavily regulating all electronic vaporizing equipment and liquids. It may be wise to stock up on what you like to use most. I like the devices where you need to build your own coils. It is much easier to stockpile on supplies! I like the sub ohm (0.5 or less) the most when vaping cannabis oil.

    to learn more, goggle Growgoddess' Blog, sadly the main site has been having issues and is not accessible all the time. I am working on moving my stuff elsewhere. . .

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