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Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by Kryzco, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. Kryzco

    Kryzco Registered+

    Yeah I'm watching Best Week Ever right now and they were talking about how all these ambien stories have been poppin up about how people eat weird shit in their sleep, buttered cigarettes, and raw eggs, and how this guy had incredibly kinky sex with his girlfriend and she initiated it but she remembered nothing of it in the morning

    I was wondering if anyone here takes ambien and has an odd story to share
  2. Theduderino

    Theduderino Registered+

    My question is: What is Ambien?

    Hi btw ;) .
  3. sleep medicine.
  4. sunnydayzz

    sunnydayzz Registered

    prescription sleeping meds
  5. Theduderino

    Theduderino Registered+

    Ah, then I'm not surprised if things like that happened. Gotta love the FDA's concept of 'safe drugs'
  6. sunnydayzz

    sunnydayzz Registered

    haha i got to second that
  7. same thing with Vioxx.
  8. Fan o KmK

    Fan o KmK Banned

    its a sleeping aid and if u stay awake u supposedly get visuals but i havnt dont it yet.
  9. tootsie roll

    tootsie roll Registered+

    I take it and nothing strange has happened that I know of. My kitchen is never different the next morning, my car is where I left it and my husband hasn't mentioned any kinky sleep sex. Sometimes I'll have a bad dream tho.
  10. Genuine17

    Genuine17 Registered+

    my friend tried tripping off it, he said he saw buddah's head come threw a wall and smile at him than go back in the wall. No clue if i believe him but thats what he said.
  11. graph

    graph Registered+

    I've taken it and my wife says that I'm wild in bed.

    It must be really good, too, because I don't have a wife.
  12. BizzleLuvin

    BizzleLuvin Registered+

    ive never taken ambien, but on sonata i had some mild hallucinations. objects were swirling and warping and flickering and moving across the room. it was very distracting trying to fall asleep when my matress was doing the wave
  13. friendowl

    friendowl Registered+

    i took 2 12.5 mg pills on friday night.
    i tried and tried to stay awake but i couldnt.
    i put the hills have eyes on dvd and i smoked some bud
    and knocked the fuck out.very strong shit.
  14. are you kind

    are you kind Registered+

    i heard on the news that people will take it, and then fall asleep, and then wake up on the side of the road in a ditch and the cops are all around and shit. but people i know who eat it to trip say its pretty cool, i've never done it.
  15. Kryzco

    Kryzco Registered+

    Yeah those stories were based on people who didn't use it to trip, they wound up doing shit in their sleep

    pretty funny IMO
  16. 6DerF9

    6DerF9 Registered+

    I took 2 10mg ambiens saw some crazy shit. Saw transperant people, little aliens and i was talking to a tree. I only remember about half of the shit that happend luckily some1 else was there watching me and told me the things i was seeing and saying. Was fucking crazy. This happend several times. Its very hard to stay awake but well worth it...Take 2 and drink a beer, you'll be in for a ride if you can stay awake. There's also several reports about people tripping on this shit. Think you can find some on not sure look around i know i did after i tripped my ass off......
    enjoy bitches :)
  17. Kitty Kat

    Kitty Kat Registered+

    I take Ambien every night & if I dont go to bed within 2 hours I start to feel a little high & have some light visuals (really nice) & then when I do go to bed I am dead to the world.

  18. BizzleLuvin

    BizzleLuvin Registered+

    sonata and i have a bad relationship. after hallucinating accidently one night, i really enjoyed it. the i started taking two or three and fighting the urge to sleep just to trip. bad idea. i feel like i totally draind my system and i was looking forward to taking it even tho i felt shitty in the morning. kinda like me and hydrocodone
  19. Dian Cecht

    Dian Cecht Registered

    Ambien can be quite fun, oh to list the fun things i've seen. i think the pick of th crop includes: spending nearly 2 hours watching a poster of the golden gopher hockey team and swearing that they had to be moving around on the wall; trying to read before bed and having the letters pop up and jumble on the page; and probably the best, going to my parents house and relaxing on the couch only to have my father walk in with what appeared to be two heads.
  20. C4nn4Bliss

    C4nn4Bliss Banned

    ambien is for fucking losers, i read on erowid a guy who had ambien parties...what a douche!

    How cool is it to take ambien and then make yourself stay awake to get some lame effects, why dont you huff paint while your at it you faggots

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