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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by realgood, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. realgood

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    What are peoples opinions health wise on smoking organic tobacco without the additives such as American Spirits vs regular ciggarettes. I recently took up smoking butts again but only american spirits averaging about 4 a day with really very little desire to smoke any more in comparison to my days of smoking camels etc. Any opinions would be cool. Have a good one everybody.
  2. so out of it

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    i fully prefer natural tobacco over the other brand names. i think they make way more sense cause theyre pretty strong and when i roll my tops and french inhale them it feels like someone just jerked my head all around. that shit kicks your ass. other good brands are drum and american spirits. id assume theyre healthier than the cigs with all the other shit in them but no real idea. they actually have devises, not sure wat theyre called, where you can take empty filter tubes and load up tobacco in a little chamber and stick the tube into a little tube and it loads the good tobacco into a filtered cigarrette.
  3. yoda

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    i dunno if these are it, but clove cigarettes are terrible.
  4. Kokujin X

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    I used to like cloves, but now I can't stand the smell of them. I feel like vomiting whenever I see one, the taste is just revolting.

    Luky strikes unfiltered usually kick my ass, but from my experiance try to change up the brands. Smokin the same thing for a while you eventually don't even get a buzz.
  5. realgood

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    Cloves I know are by far the worst for you among menthols. I really like American spritis they just taste like a good ciggarette all the way through and defintly not so addictive. Does anyone know if alll those chemicals etc states are in ciggarettes are natrually occuring in tobacco or are they added? My favorite is the fact many name brands soak their paper in nicotiene and rat poison !!! thanks everyone
  6. opiuser

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    actually, most of the chemicals in cigs are not added. they occur naturally in the drying process.
  7. RastaKaze

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