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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by juventus8, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. juventus8

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    I am new to this formus, take my apollogies for not introducing myself before but I have some urgent questions.

    I bought about 40 grams (3/2 oz roughly) of some weed that looked very nice, small, dense, sticky buds, etc... Problem is that it has strong chemical smell which I am very sure it is ammonia smell. I heard that chemical sprayed weed is very bad for your health (which is logical of course), but also that ammonia smell can mean that weed has mold and varoius bacteria on itself (which isn't very healthy either). Being curious, I had to roll a spliff and this weed is really killer, it blew my head off like one of the most potent skunk varieties I did before.

    So I am wondering if this could be some kind of bomb stuff, or it is just product of some evil shady grower who uses various poisons on his stuff only to sell it better, and all this effects are because of chemicals?? In last case I am dumping it.

    Tnx and sorry for long post
  2. amsterdammed

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    take a small amount and burn it on a knife or spoon, if it burns fast and crackles a lot then it's most likely sprayed. i've had some strange smelling weed from coffeeshops in holland before, i'm still alive. just :)
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  3. Nochowderforyou

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    Take his advice. Just burn a small amount before smoking it.

    Some weed has natural smells of what you described. Maybe not a strong smell of it, but I have come accross weed that reeked of Cat Piss, very similair to ammonia. Further research showed that there are strains out there known as, simply, "Cat Piss," that is a very strong Sativa that came from the Orange County, if I remeber right.

    But yeah, test some first to make sure it doesn't explode or something. :p

    If it's not good, make some hash or oil with it.
  4. CBsDankNugs

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    people probably wouldnt try to hurt u by putting chemicals in it but do what they^^said just to be safe. ammonia isnt good to be putting into ur body.
  5. MetFan3125

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    you'd be surprised what drug dealers would do. One of my guys sits in the woods by himself late at night.:confused:
  6. azure

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    ^ zany!
  7. Psycho4Bud

    Psycho4Bud The Modfather it that smell. I'd really think twice before smokin' it.

    Have a good one!:thumbsup:
  8. Nochowderforyou

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    Oh yeah, I forgot about the mold. :thumbsup:
  9. Ganjasaurusrex

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    Ive come across this nasty stuff in the states.

    Two causes.

    Anaroebic bacteria overgrowth on the weed (mold). Weed that has gotten wet.


    Weed contaminated with the meth chemical, anhydrous ammonia. Same containers, purposeful contamination etc.

    From what I keep hearing this is happening too often in many places in the States.

    If it smells like cat piss, human piss or ammonia avoid smoking it.
  10. Smokin EnDo

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    Its just really good kb ive had some like it. A lot of people jhave before
  11. ganjah

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    When weed is cured in jars or something it can get a chemical like scent too it, but if you say you smoked it and it just got you really high and your fine now I'm sure its just good weed
  12. YouD0nt

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    Yah, if you smoked it and you didn't die just blow down the batch in one night, or make hash/oil w\e. :thumbsup:
  13. jamstigator

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    My jar-cured stuff has a chemically mediciney kind of smell to it. No mold, organizally grown, never sprayed with anything, not even neem oil. Just the way it is with some really potent stuff.
  14. Captain Hanks

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    that's very strange, i remember smoking some herb a while back that had a very strong "chemical" smell to it, the high from it was incredible, but it gave a slight headache after a few days use
  15. rantingsweed

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    ive had weed that smelled like sulfer before, it was very good haha
  16. juventus8

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    That was exactly the case with my weed. It gave headache and strange pressure in your head, but the high was really incedible.
    Now, I dried the herb, so this smell is almost gone, and I guess the chemical evaporized.
  17. WolfmansBrother

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    someone once told me dealers spray Raid on their buds to create that amazing high with middies or shwag type buds. the symptoms u guys are sayin are the ones they said happen when u smoke the weed sprayed with the Raid. hmm, anyone else heard of this?
  18. Highlife57

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    I a friend of mine bought some from a shady dude, he said it may or may not have had amonia sprinkled on it. I was wondering if that was weird or not, but this forum made it pretty clear. This is a cool website BD
  19. gardenermendo

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    Again, this thread is very old. But in case anyone is reading it...

    There are two ways to get good cannabis:

    1) Buy from a reputable dispensary.
    2) Grow it yourself

    There is no way for any of us to tell you about the quality of what you got, because we can't smell through the net, nor do we know your source.

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