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    Here is a video of my most recent grow of Amnesia Haze, you'll be glad to know that all 3 seedlings
    have come up, a $35 dollar value in those 3 seeds!

    So I'm happy that they are growing.

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    You might want to remove your turtle from your grow space.
    The 18/6 light cycle may be just what your plants need, but not so much the reptile.

    Just sayin..

    be kind to your herb and to your pets.
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    I'll be at this meeting on the 22nd... I live in the garage as it used to be but is now my Home... I own the House
    here, believe me. Half of it anyway with my brother Chance Wayne Brown, who probably doesn't want REAP, an Escrow that takes the Rent and Pays What it Wants!

    Yet I kind of wonder what REAP would give me! Would they give me half of the rent? I am Disabled for over 20 long, long years... and I did write a letter to Mr. Bonin down there about my 'situation' in my small room...
    which is all this is about. Whether I Personally will be Kicked out of my Home, once again and dropped onto
    the street by the City Of Los Angeles and all it's Governing Bodies.


    I'd like to discuss with Mike about my living space in Venice Beach on Abbot Kinney Blvd, 2415 90291, about my request that the City not move me out of my home and onto the street. Recently we (my brother and I) remodeled the front home for rental, and built me a small room in back where the garage was. The city found out about it and came over with various inspectors. Now I'm told that we have to tear down the wall and put the garage door back, thus Stressing me extremely... also my brother says that we have to pull out my stove and the refrigerator and block up my bathroom to show that I don't live here, for some inspector to come over and look at. Now the PROBLEM with this is that I'm Disabled, for over 20 years, and there is something called the Americans With Disabilities Act. I am entitled to go to Federal Court automatically, and would like to take the city to court, if possible on this matter. I want to PROVE that I myself and my well being is more important than the cities building codes... in that it has to do with my Well Being a Disabled Person. This is indeed an ISOLATED occurrence, but one that is very Important to Myself. In the meantime I am hopeful that Mike will call down to the city and waive these inspectors on my unit back here at 2415 Abbot Kinney Blvd. I'd like to meet Mr. Bonin perhaps he could drive by and do so, if he wants to take a look at my room. He would see that I'm legit 100%, I'm a Serious Person, and although I am dirt poor, SSI/SSA, I'm still well aware of the Law, and feel that I do have a case here... I hope that this is taken seriously.



    I'd hope that the General Manger decides to RESCIND this unhealthy decision of a City! Has the Man
    No Heart! Poor Clay would be HOMELESS and Barren... He has no Soul and now he'll have not a



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