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  1. Shannon

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    I really wish i could go to amsterdam, and since i can only go after college, which will be in three years could someone take some pictures of cool places to go, and sites to seee
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  3. Delta9 UK

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    just booked to go 4-7 may staying in the amsterdam american hotel, can't wait been a couple of times before and going with a mate who never has. Cant wait to see his face light up at the variety on offer:pimp:
  5. Shannon

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    Oh wow, sounds like a great vacation have fun, burn a spliff for me :jointsmile:
  6. hazeheaven

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    some stoners want to meet up while visisting amsterdam:S5: :S5:.
    would like to meet some ...i.m living in holland:stoned:
  7. mikee123

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    Where in Holland you living?
  8. Piff Smoker

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  9. savagepossum

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    those hostel films were actually based on true storys you know so be careful.
  10. weedmant

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    Is Amsterdam really as chill as people say it is? You just walk in to a coffeeshop and ask for their menu, order you joint, and sit down and smoke it right there? Damn I wish I lived there! But let me know. And would you have to learn dutch if you went there? That is your language right? sorry fro all the questions and such a long post.
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    No problem.
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  12. weedmant

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    thanks psteve! :thumbsup:

    I gave you some rep for helping me out!

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