An easy way to clean a grinder's kief collector

Discussion in 'DIY / How To Methods' started by jiggsaw, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. jiggsaw

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    I have one of those metal grinders with the kief collector that screws off on the bottom, I just found out velcro cleans them. I had a spare peice of velcro and decided to try it after seeing somebody use a coarse makeup brush to clean his. The coarse part of Velcro is coarser and works better and when you're done the velcro stays clean, throw away the soft part of the velcro. I only cleaned the top part of the grinder where the ground up bud falls not the kief part, if you clean that part you're just wasting sweet kief. :pimp:
  2. jiggsaw

    jiggsaw Registered+

    If you have one of those grinders always shake it around and smack it up on shit when you're done grinding. That way you'll collect the max amount of kief.
  3. jackall

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    I just use my finger nail combined with banging on table. Never had a problem emptying my grinder.:thumbsup:
  4. jiggsaw

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    yeah but you're losing kief and if you grind up allot of bud like me your grinder will get clogged.

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