Anesthesia and Marijuana

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by 69JIM69, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. 69JIM69

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    Is it ok to go under anesthesia while on marijuana because i think that the combination is not a lethal dose of death. Also whenever i go under anesthesia i get very mad last time i was very high and i said fuck you to everyone and flicked everyone off. The doctor came into the room and we were face to face and i flicked him off. lol i don't even remember my dad told me why is that does that mean i have also some sort of anger issue ?
  2. MisterGreen

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    i don't know if it could be lethal but the best thing to do would be to ask the anesthesiologist. to be safe though i wouldn't do it at all. and i don't think it's weird that you were acting different i remember my sister was crying because she wanted wendys so bad hahah.
  3. mute

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    i woke up in the operating room and they had to tie me down and shit. don't remember it tho. :p

    i wouldn't go in high man, your body is already going through so much under the anesthesia.
  4. dziendobry4

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    As far as health goes, I'm sure you're fine. I don't think Marijuana interacts with many drugs. I can guarantee it won't be lethal.
  5. 69JIM69

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    But also i had symptoms like your sister laughing and i was also crying and flicking everyone off it was weird lol.
  6. the.dude

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    I wouldn't chance it. There's a fine line between putting someone to sleep with chemicals and killing someone with chemicals. Anesthesiologists are sued more than any other kind of doctor for that reason.
  7. One of my sister's friends couldn't get surgery because he smoked the day before he went in. And when I went in for surgery the nurse asked me if i smoke within the last 48 hours, so I guess it can be pretty serious.
  8. thcbongman

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    I smoked before having major surgery. It kept the edge off, and it didn't have any noticeable side effects afterwards.

    I would inform them just in case. I told them, and they didn't care, they just tweaked the dosage a bit.

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