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    Good result with first grow with CFL

    ‪anarpit's Channel‬‏ - YouTube
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    Very informative. Thank you for the info!
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    Sorry to wake up an old thread but I wanted to just ask about supplemental lighting in the flowering stage to up the number of lumens psf I'm currently going to be around the 3000 lumens psf mark using 2700k CFL's. If I was to add additional CFL's to my setup to increase the amount of light, should I just add more 2700k bulbs when flowering or is it beneficial to use 5600k bulbs as well. Which would be most effective?
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    I'm doing my very first grow-box for 1 or 2 plants. Now that I've designed the box and ventilation am thinking about lighting. I was thinking of 150w HPS light but they seem to be slightly out of my price-range. I know that CFL are much cheaper and that they make bigger than 40w bulbs. For 1-2 plants what is an optimal amount? How many fixtures and how many bulbs? To get close to a 150w HPS?
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    I use 9- 40watt CFl's at the 2700 range, for Veg, and Flower. My space is 72" L X 32" W X 48" H. Everything seems to work fairly good. I get ounce or two from each plant. Do I need more light in that space? Growing 3 plants at a time.
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    I recently found 44 watt CFL lamps in Staples for under $5. That's a deal! They were $8 in Walmart.
    I am using (4) T5HO 54 watt tubes for supplemental lighting during bloom for nine plants in 5 gallon pails. I have 'grow' and 'bloom' spectrum lamps. At the moment I'm using two of each. I think maybe a full spectrum has an advantage over one or the other.
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    I would say that something is not adding up as you are only getting 2 ounces per plant, scrog seem to work quite nicely for cfl setups to produce big time
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    I got some 6500K for my next Veg. I hope that will make a difference when I go into flower. Maybe my plants will be bigger, so I can get bigger buds. I see on the pro vido, that he used, HPS and MH in the flowering stage. So I now will have 4-6500K and 5-2700K in my flowering cycle. I will let you know if this produce any more. After 14 days of drying, my ww x bb only weight 32 grams. This was my first try indoors. I'm working on my second now. Some Pineapple and WW X BB and some Green Love Potion. Good luck, and happy growing.
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    Really nice post thanks for info and i would love to read comparisons between led and other conventional light bulbs.
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    I know I'm about 7 years late answering this question, but maybe it will help somebody else. Here is a pic of 4 different Kelvin rating CFL bulbs: the two on the left and right are 5500K, the one in the back is 3200K, the vertical bulb in the center is 2700K, and the large overhead bulb is rated 2100K but has some blue included in its spectrum as well (prior to this photo I was using a 6400K bulb as the main overhead bulb but this photo was taken just after changing to flowering phase) so to the human eye, blue spectrum (vegging) bulbs will appear more white and red spectrum (flowering) bulbs will appear more red.

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    I'm just getting started. I grew outdoors for years but now decided to grow inside. I'm building a small grow room, 3ft x 3ft, I'm going with 8 CFL's. 100w/23w. I plan on growing 2 plants in 5 gal buckets. This grow room is in my garage which is semi heated, the coldest it gets is 45F. Since this mini grow room will be enclosed will I have any problem. What I mean is will the 8 CFL's keep the min grow room warm enough?
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    8 X 23 watt will probably keep it warm enough during veg period, but once you flip to 12/12 you may need supplemental heating, like a space heater aimed toward an intake vent/ port.
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    Ummmmm I have a space heater that would work.
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    Do a test run first, make sure it's also gonna be warm enough at floor level before you drop any seeds.
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    There is also the option of running your light cycle at night and dark cycle during the day if your scheduling permits and your room is light tight.
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    My set up: Room is 3' x 3'x 5'
    currently running 20 x 23watt cfls softwhite 2700k with output of 1600 lumens
    and 6 x 23 watt daylight 5000k with output of 1620 lumens

    1 wall covered in mylar, 3 walls covered in panda plastic.
    For 3 plants.

    Is this enough lumens for a healthy veg?

    Any comments suggestions or questions welcome.
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    That's enough light, but the spectrum should be reversed, as in 20 5000k, 6 2700k for veg. They will create some heat though, so be sure to have adequate ventilation. You don't really need the 2700k yet, but some folks like the mix.
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    Im confused (again), these kinda new 130 watt cfl's, are supposed to be DUAL, or so it says on the box...........has anybody tried an entire grow with them ??

    A call to a hydro shop tells me they will do veg & flower, but , stretch a little in flower stage,..........the next hydro shop says no, you must change your bulb for flower.

    I was thinking of putting a few Auto's under 20-4 for there entire grow............has anybody got any thoughts on this ?? Pictured is the cfl thats suppose to be dual, they suggest it does a square metre.

    Am i wasting my time??.......comments please

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    Great post helped allot. Thank you
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    I know this is an old thread, but I thought you might either know or be able to figure out how many of these 1w LED's I should use per sq. ft. ???
    The "color" full spectrum 380-840nm have a luminous flux rating of 60-70. Ultimately I would like to run them at 90% of their rated capacity to extend life expectancy but not required.

    The intention is to mount them to 8'X4' sheet metal siding on spoolers so the panels can be maintained @ 1'-2' above plant tops. (Variable power from clone - Veg. Full@flower)
    An 1200w HPS produces 330-362 (+?) PAR watts handling 8'x8' area, so I figured two 8'x4' sheets side by side 200w ea. 400w total would do the job, thereby using 1/3 the energy not counting heat removal cost (air conditioning) and provide much better light disbursement/penetration. Using 4 of these side by side panels in a 16'x16' room for 1600w. Yes, imagine using 4800 watts for a 8-12 pound sealed room (C02) and then having to pump all that heat out as well.

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