Any Cannabis-like plant I can PRACTICE growing with?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by ostropolier, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. ostropolier

    ostropolier Registered

    I am a bare amature grower.

    My biggest obstacle besides lack of experience seems to be lack of privacy.

    I want to go out and buy the equipment I'd need for a purely indoor setup but before I spend all that money, I want to be able to PRACTICE growing something with hydroponics, hopefully something with growth behavior and requirements as close to cannabis as possible.

    Is there a 100% legal herb or vegetable that would be good PRACTICE to grow hydroponically before I went and spend good money on feminized seeds? I'm afraid that me buying all that equipment will trip all kinds of red flags with local law enforcement, I want to pretty much get the setup together and do practice crops in case cops or nosey meter readers get in my face my very first time.

    Sorry for the rambling post but you get the idea.
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  2. seattlesmoke247

    seattlesmoke247 Registered+

    Hops possibly.
  3. dejayou30

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  4. herbie the love bud

    herbie the love bud Registered+

    I don't know, but when you ARE ready, don't buy feminized seeds. The way they guarantee a high likelyhood of female is by stressing the "donor" plant to the point that it hermaphrodites and the resultant seeds are likely female ("feminized") however they also carry the hermie trait.

    So get some real seeds, grow them all out, clone for sex and destroy your males, pick your best female and she's your new mother.
  5. trinitybound

    trinitybound Registered+

    I asked my uncle how to grow pot and he said "Just like you grow tomatoes"
    He had some nice 15' sativas and some great afghani.
  6. socialistpete

    socialistpete Registered+

    I have a better idea, don't grow if your so paranoid that you think buying grow equipment will alert local authorities to you.
  7. axxxxe

    axxxxe Registered+

    If you can grow anything you can grow weed its that simple. I agree with socialistpete if you are already worried you shouldnt do it as it will drive you nuts. Why not move to better location before starting this project.I wish you the best of luck. Peace
  8. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    tomatoes :thumbsup: ... they're even related to cannabis, in some distant manner ... plus, they taste good :D ... I sometimes grow the exotics, seeds are available here: Tomato Growers Supply Company: Tomato seeds, Pepper seeds, Eggplant seeds.  More than 500 varieties. Hybrid tomato seeds, Heirloom tomato seeds, hot chiles, sweet peppers, tomatillos and eggplants, plus garden supplies, garden books, and posters. ... cheap seeds, too ... you're smart, ahead of the curve, for choosing to try something else, first :thumbsup:
  9. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    P.S. ...... being a WEED. cannabis is amazingly easy to grow :thumbsup: (I still can't grow tomatoes worth a damn :()
  10. ostropolier

    ostropolier Registered

    Paranoia is a cardinal virtue in this line of work and anyone who suggests otherwise belongs in a taxable profession.
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  12. SheCutEmDown

    SheCutEmDown Registered

    I have always wonders what plant they use to grow those legal bugs. I tried looking it up the other day with no luck. Find out what plant they use and grow it. You can even smoke the product to see if you flushed well, and how the nutrients you used effected taste.

    Have Fun
  13. socialistpete

    socialistpete Registered+

    I'm sorry I need to clarify my previous post. That was sarcasm. Your local authorities or any authorities for that matter are not going to even know you bought grow equipment. You, like most others have been fed paranoid misinformation. If your not on parole or probation chances are no one is watching you, or even if you were there is not enough big brothers in this country to watch the moves every single person makes.

    Here's 3 simple rules to not get caught:

    1. Don't tell anybody

    2. Don't tell anybody

    3. Don't tell anybody

    Even all that bullshit about helicopters with IR, high electric bills, and what ever else your "friends" have told you is total BULLSHIT.

    So what I'm really trying to say here is grow your own weed for personal use and have fun doing it!!!!!!!!!!!:thumbsup:
  14. axxxxe

    axxxxe Registered+

    Using common sense and the rule dont tell any one are 1st and formost in my book. But I maintain that if you are that nervous you should wait. Confidence is the best way to go thru life there aren't monsters out there that are going to get you, so there is no need to worry just think things thru and practice adapting to different situations. Smoke a bud and get your plan figured out. Good luck ! peace
  15. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    and, don't tell anybody :jointsmile:
  16. ostropolier

    ostropolier Registered

    No harm no foul.. :smokin:

    But yeah, all I want to do is bring my first crop to fruit without having to stress out over privacy I want to be able to openly and honestly ask the Hydro store owner for advice.
  17. Forwhat420

    Forwhat420 Registered+

    And Dont Tell Anyone!!! If you have any questions you have found the right place. Just go for it, get some good bag seed and go for it.
  18. LOC NAR on probation

    LOC NAR on probation Registered+

    If you talk to hydro store guy be very general. Your are better off discussing it here. Don't tell any one no matter how hard it is not to share your success.

    My number one rule is. DO NOT SHOW ANYONE. That was the only way my nephew busted me. I bragged and showed him. 3 years down the drain cause he got popped for coke. We can go to the coffe house and talk all day but when the cops show up at your door they must have you selling to a narc or the narc giving them a complete description of your setup.. Do not open the door for cops. Run and destroy all you can, what are they going to do. Make it worse ?

    I'm here because what is said here can not get a warrant on me, even if I show pic's I could get them from anywhere and who's to know.
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  19. denialisback

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    you live in canada its legal.. what you worrying about man.

  20. BigLeagueJew

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    It's not legal in all provinces of Canada unfortunately but as far as other plants I think hops would be good since it is part of the same family of plants.

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