Any dispensary's in hawaii?

Discussion in 'Hawaii (HI)' started by denver, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. denver

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    is there any dispensary's in hawaii?:Rasta: i know that got some bomb outdoor maui:stoned:
  2. Major13

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    I'd like to know that long awaited question too
  3. southernman

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    :smokin:No there are no Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in or on Hawaii.
  4. Major13

    Major13 Registered

    So how can Hawaii be a legal state, what do they expect you to do grow it only?
  5. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

    Funny t'ing.


    Sellin, even gifting, is prohibited?!
    You can have 3 Oz. dry, 4 immature plants, and 3 mature plants per card, and 1 card per patient.
    You can legally grow as a caregiver for a patient that can not grow their own, but are not allowed to sample the crop.:wtf:

    Strange, yah?

    Get's stranger.

    If you are sittin on yer porch with friends and neighbors, blazin' up a fatty, your guests are protected from arrest by your license! :wtf:
    But you may not, legally, hand them a joint for the road.:wtf:

    An' dere's all kine sing like dat 'roun' here.
    This State makes me :D 5 - 6 times a day.

    Legal Weeze

  6. Major13

    Major13 Registered

    I was seriously thinking of moving back but with the fucktard set they have up I'll settle for California again.
  7. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

    Sorry to hear dat.

    Actually Hawaii's rules work well for personal medical grows.

    I had to cut back to only blooming one girl a month cause I was producing 10 times what I was able to consume and gift.
    I still give away about half of it.:hippy:.

    Yeah, there's risk involved with "gifting".
    But it would be a great "test case", yah?:)

    "Old fart with cancer, gives an ounce of weed to a terminal cancer patient and gets charged with felony distribution."

    I wouldn't want to be on the State's side of that trial.:D

    If we had dispensaries here, I'd prolly sell to them for a nominal fee, and they'd turn around and gouge sick people anyway, just like California.:mad:

    The reality of it is, the local law seldom pursues cannabis cases, and growing and harvest can be done all year long in tropical sunlight.
    So, I really don't miss California at all.:jointsmile:

    To each his own.

    Aloha, M13

  8. Major13

    Major13 Registered

    I do miss it there, is tourism down 50%?
    I figure growing indoors is ridiculous in Hawaii with electricity 20 cent a kilowatt, 3.2 times what I pay but would rather have your sunshine :jointsmile:
  9. Major13

    Major13 Registered

    Come to think of it, if you can have a few monster plants outside I can understand the hugh harvest you would get from just a few plants.

    OK here I come then :p
  10. Major13

    Major13 Registered

    Also, what strains are you growing there?
    Have you tried HGS Kona Gold?
  11. Major13

    Major13 Registered

    bump to dead sight :wtf:
  12. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

    Actually, bought my first beans from them.
    Was under-impressed by viability of the heritage mix though, and no have not tried the Kona gold.
    I'll get my next seeds from our sponsors.:)
    Workin' with some Lemonskunk, bubbledust, G13/BB, and White widow of late.
    Got some seedlings going from 2 of my F1 crosses as well and that maxes out my tiny veg room.

  13. Major13

    Major13 Registered

    So if I rent or buy in Hawaii and get my card I will do better then most in the states because of the constant warm weather?
  14. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

    Tropics, yeeha!

    For outdoor grows?
    Heck yes!
    Can harvest every month here and the 'copters n feds have been ignoring gardens of less than 24 plants.

    I don't personally push the limit, cause I have no need to.
    Got one 5' mature gal in coco and 2 lemon skunk debutantes that should be ripe in another 6 weeks.
    If I were organized and had the need, I could set 3 large teenyboppers out every month, in DWC and produce approximately 30 pounds a year and still stay legal as long as I stagger the harvest and smoke, or gift it as fast as it dries.

    Only allowed to posses 3 Oz. dry buds per license.:(;)
    That part would be difficult even if one converts every 30 oz. of bud to 3 oz. of hash!
    So, I keep 'em small and only ripen one lady at a time.
    LED veg..jpg
    And I still have to make hash to stay legal:D!



  15. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

    Watts up!

    20 cents? :wtf:
    Mus' be Oahu.

    On Da Beeg Guy's Land, we pony up more dan fiddy cent per kwh!:(
    That, is why I use leds to veg.:thumbsup:
    Well that, and it's :cool:er.
    (Both ways.):)

    Aloha, W.

  16. Major13

    Major13 Registered

    Done my homework on the electricity and the islands are the highest at 20 cent but 50 cents sounds fucking ridiculous :wtf:
  17. Major13

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    Aloha, what Island could I buy a house for around 200K or ess that has more distance between neighbors?
  18. zelgadis21

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  19. Weezard

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  20. seyaat420

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    Hey just a heads up be carefull, my home was raided by hawaii police aug 16 2010, I have two blue cards all legal, The police found a feist size ball of discarded resin, and aressted me for it, pending lab testing to make sure it was not hash, I dont know if this is every county, but thats what the police officer told me. I live on the big island of hawaii, kailua kona, and im in the county of hawaii.

    Also spread the word that hawaii police department is still harrasing medical patients. I was waken up, aressted, questioned, and then relesed with no charges, they told me my clones in the clone machine are still considered plants so I had on over 15 plant instead of my 14 allowed by state law. So they ripped a 3 foot mature marijuana plant right out of the pot of soil, right in my house all over the carpet,,,bullshit. anyways I have video cameras at my place, for theivs and the police, just on the date of aug 16 2010 my video camera cought the police busting in my door with guns drawn, im sleeping in my bed with boxers on, check it out go here

    YouTube - hawaii police department issueing a search warrant at my house thanks chris :):thumbsup::jointsmile:;):wtf:
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