Any doctor in New mexico can prescribe medical marijuana for your condition.

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    Q: Does my medical provider need a special certification to write a recommendation for medical cannabis?
    A: No. Any medical doctor (MD), doctor of osteopathy (DO) or nurse practitioner who can prescribe medicine in New Mexico can write a referral for the Medical Cannabis Program.

    This is a direct quote from the DOH medical cannabis program. Please read carefully and don't hesitate to ask your doctor for medical marijuana to help your condition.
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    Nice,informative post.
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    doctor information

    It's fairly easy, and don't have to look too far.

    To get a recommendation for medical cannabis, simply ask your Doctor in a frank and honest way. If that doesn’t work you may have to drive Santa Fe or Albuquerque and put up about $150 - $200 if your insurance doesn't cover it.

    Santa Fe:
    They are booked up about two to three weeks in advance


    Nicholas J. Nardacci, Ph. D.M.D.
    Amer, Acad, Diability Evalualtions, Physicians
    Call to set up an appointment. They do not accept insurance.

    Licensed Medical Cannabis Producers:

    The first and original Santa Fe Institute of Natural Medicine. Not known for their warmth and bubbly personality, SFINM is known for their parking lot delivery system and add-on fees. Now featuring a new and bizarre lottery system, so complicated I'm not sure they know how it works. Give it a shot, enroll and roll the dice. Product reports are hit and miss.

    Newmexicann Natural Medicine
    The NewMexiCannabis Project
    Run by the very colorful Len Goodman, a Santa Fe treasure and long standing businessman. Spend five minutes with Len and you know he’s the real deal. The first crop is due in a couple of months. Stay tuned. Known for great information. Check out their website and learn.

    SWOP (Southwest Organic Producers)
    SWOP - Southwest Organic Producers - Some of New Mexico's Finest medical cannabis
    SWOP is founded by a State certified master gardener and it’s board of directors consists of a large number of patient growers. SWOP practices in-home delivery and does not charge a delivery fee, on qualified purchases in the Albuquerque/Santa Fe metro area. Known for their giveaways, promotions and the fact that the delivery staff wear hospital scrubs, SWOP takes medical Cannabis very seriously, but they have good time doing it.

    Two Other Mystery Producers- ?
    Don’t know, nada. Will hear when the State decides to let us all know or if they decide to step forward to be counted.

    Speaking of patient information:

    Rumor has it producer information letters are going out at the beginning of next week (heard that one before) to patients announcing all four of the new medical cannabis producers.

    Does this mean you can pick up the phone and get your medication right now? No.

    So what do you do now?

    Go to the websites of the producers above and register to be in their programs.
    If you don’t register, you can’t get medication and you can’t complain the state is keeping you down or that the producers suck.

    All of the producers are busting humps to get the medication to the people that need it. There are at least another 20 qualified producers in-waiting, several with approved proposals AND site visits.

    There will not be any more producers licensed until the state sees we need more medical cannabis.

    How do you do that?

    Buy as much medical cannabis as you can afford from licensed producers above. They will run out fast. And when they do run out, be vocal to the State Department of Health, not the producers. Call DOH, email them, write them. Tell them you vote and you need your medication.

    Sorry for the long message, but –Let’s quit bitching and get growing New Mexico!
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    My doctor is Mormon and will not write the scrip for me. I have PTSD. Shit.
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    Same suggestions as on the other page........Appeal to his oath as a doctor or find someone else.
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    Prick - Mormons - pushing their morality on others is BS.
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    A Psychiatrist can recommend MMJ for PTSD.

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    Hipocratic Oath

    It's been my pleasant and educational experience that your physician doesn't necessarily have to "prescribe" cannabis, but simply validate that the cannabis won't harm you worse than you already are. It seems to me that the the procedure is merely a statement by your physician in reference to your health and not a professional recommendation.
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    But some would rather use their position to impose their morality on you - and of course that's exactly what they do. It's not a medical or professional motive, but rather a morality based one. Shame on them.
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    Shame on them indeed.

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