Any Headshops near Mansfield? just moved down here

Discussion in 'Ohio (OH)' started by SiXFeEtDeEp, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. SiXFeEtDeEp

    SiXFeEtDeEp Registered+

    Yeah just wondering if there are any headshops with in a half hour of mansfield. i just moved down here so ppl been telling me i have to drive and hour to cleveland or cincinaty to get a peice.
  2. Granger01

    Granger01 Registered+

    cresent moon in ruggles
  3. arsenal

    arsenal Registered

    in mansfield you can get glass at some gas stations or convenience stores. or if you're willing to drive 45 min. to an hour or so, go to high street in columbus and there are plenty of nice headshops:thumbsup:
  4. exoticnoise

    exoticnoise Registered+

    yep, i live in ashland, and cresent moon is pry only a half hr drive from mansfield. they have a big selection of stuff, you spend some money and they throw stuff in for free. on the corner of 224 and 60.
  5. Mohksha

    Mohksha Registered+

    I bought a chillum at a convenience store on Ashland Rd. It was called "Sun shop" or "sunshine shop" something like that.
  6. exoticnoise

    exoticnoise Registered+

    thats down by like mccune cycle world isnt it?
  7. encrusty

    encrusty Registered

    Crazy to me people are talking about ruggles LOL

    I grew up out there in the middle of nowhere...

    Went to school with the daughter of the owner, and keep saying I need to get over to that shop to try to see her.

    I've also noticed some of the tobacco shops in the area starting to carry pipes etc
  8. pokesomesmot

    pokesomesmot Registered

    If you know where the hospital is there is a store called J&J's that has small cheap bowls, grinders, bubblers, etc. If your tight with the owners they'll even break out some nice hookahs for you.

    I live in Ontario but I go there often.

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