Any of you guys grown and smoked Inca Spirit?

Discussion in 'Strains and Seeds' started by Sam, Apr 24, 2004.

  1. Sam

    Sam Registered+

    Just wondered if anyone has had success growing Inca Spirit (any tips appreciated), and what this strain is like to smoke. Also have any of you smoked white skunk (from Sensi Seeds).

  2. MickShaw

    MickShaw Registered

    I smoked some White Skunk a few months ago (Not sure if it was from the Seed Banks seeds) and it was ok but I didn't like it as much as Kemo or the Haze I usually grow; just preference I guess but it was pretty good.

    HEMCY VICTIM Registered

    If they would ever come

    I ordered inca spirit & big bud from HEMCY more than 2 months ago and am still waiting to hear anything from what is obvious a rip off company!!!!!!!!!
    I am fuckin' pissed off!!!!! Preventig eye damage from glaucoma (24 yrs.)
    and diabetic retinopathy (39 yrs.) is my goal. NOT TO MAKE A SHIT LOAD OF DRUG MONEY.

    Otherwise I'd be glad to let you know how good or bad inca spirit is.
  4. Dr.Phil

    Dr.Phil Registered


    Please go elsewhere and lie your arse off there. Your cheap comments and attempts to alter the truth have not worked here.

    HV is a liar and a troll. More than likely Gypsy himself. Do not hear or believe anything this clown says.

    HEMCY are a fine company with an immaculate track record.

    Shame on you Gypsy, SHAME!!

    Go home.
  5. dextrious

    dextrious Registered+

    I am going to order some inca spirit from hemcy I'll let you know how it goes.

    HEMCY VICTIM Registered

  7. mahatma

    mahatma Registered

    Help me Dr Phil if you can.

    I see there are two threads going on about Hempcy reliability, so I'll post my two cents here as well. Hempcy Victim might be correct. I too sent Hemcy an order from the U.S., with almost $300 cash, over two weeks ago on July 27th, and did not recieve my seeds. I email them 3 days ago on Aug 10th, and they didn't repsond to my email either. In all fairness I heard great things about Hempcy in the past, and in fact, had a succesful tranaction with them several years ago. I can understand shipping delays or customs problems, but when they do not answer emails, I suspect something must be wrong. It would be a shame if this once reputable dealer has gone down the tubes. If Dr. Phil is willing to contact them on my behalf, I would greatly appreciated it. If anyone else from the U.S. has recently ordered from Hempcy please post your experience.
  8. mahatma

    mahatma Registered

    Hempcy still cool.

    I recieved my order complete today. Hempcy eventually responded via email on Aug 19th, ten days later, and confirmed the order. They apologized for the delay saying they were on holiday. They more than made up for it by sending me 2 free packets, which were not the cheaper varieties either. All is forgiven. These guys are still cool in my book.
  9. Dr.Phil

    Dr.Phil Registered

    Sounds about right Mahat, they always come through.

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