Any one seen ''Black Spot'' on their plants

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by LetsSeeYa, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. LetsSeeYa

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    Ok well its spread to my other plants and thinking it might be this black spot crap. On the plant i had put in sideways has always been a dark green and now iv got the same black spots and yellowing of the leaves. I took a pic of 3different leaves and the middle leaf is the NL plant that had began to get these spots and yellowing, then they die.

    As soon as i saw the spots i some how cut the NL down, more or less i ran it over enough times to brake it away from its roots. This really should not have worked if you have ever tried to pull a 5' plant from the ground, just too many roots. So im sure there was something going on with the root system, but if you look at the pic with the leaves, the NL is in the middle, then the bigger one is the Edna and the other is the one i put in sideways.

    The sideways plant is budding like crazy, but now im afraid that the leaves will die off, this shit works fast. Then nothing to feed the buds, if all the leaves fall off. I bought some sorta spray for ''black spot'', which shows its self in rose's, but looks like the same shit i got. So im going to use it to see if it will help, iv already lost my favorite plant i dont want to lose them all.

    Well im off to spray em with this crap i got that a person would use on rose's as its bad and frequent on them.


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  2. LetsSeeYa

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    Ok so i have this stuff called ''Fungicide'' made by Garden Safe. It is an organic spray that will help as a Fungicide, Insecticide and Miticide, which kills mites for those of you with that problem.

    Man after i chopped the NL i just about fell out of my chair and i forgot my phone. Hell i would have been there a long time too. I went forward with my hand on the ground and just couldn't get back. So i put my handy stick in my mouth and used it to push my body back. My neck is so sore right now. Any way i kept trying this over and over, it took a good 20min. but finally made it to that point of tilting right in the middle of balance and pushed like hell to get back. I was so tired and now my back is killing me:mad:. But still went out and sprayed them down with this stuff. But il be medicating sooner then most nights tonight:stoned:its killing me.

    So anyone seen this stuff ''black spot'' before as it looks like it and it can get air bourne. I have to pull every bad leaf and also rake the areas of each plant is what iv read. Also it said i need to put the bad leaves in zip bags till i can burn them:wtf:

    Im so bummed out man:Rasta:
  3. Rusty Trichome

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    By all means careful. Getting stuck out there with no help is not a good idea. Feeling any better today?

    Bummer about the NL. Were the root tips a healthy white, or were they brown and kinda mushy? Was the ground hard, dry and compacted...or is it saturated and mucky?

    Were you indoors, I'd have you check the ingoing and runoff ph, and ask about what you use to provide calcium, and how much you're using.

    It doesn't look like the black spot fungus I get on my roses, but a dose of fungicide wouldn't hurt at this point, eh?

    How do the other non-cannabis plants look around your grow? Are they having this problem too?
  4. Dutch Pimp

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    I'm not an expert on this...:wtf:...but, if it's mostly the bottom 1/3 leaves?..I don't think it will affect the buds?...The fan leaves protect the the little bud leaves..see what they are doing....IMO.
  5. LetsSeeYa

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    Oh your right about that Rusty, im as sore as i could be, my back got all stretched out i think. Il be fine in a couple days tho. But when id seen it spread all i could think was to get the NL out of the area.

    The ground was wet, but not mucky at all, but we had just got a good rain and was going to shoot the NL with some nute, but just dumped it on the Edna when i saw her. I think the roots were not built enough to supply the plant. I should not have been able to really get it from the ground the way i did. It was almost like the roots from the stalk were not big enough, just small little roots. Hell my indoor roots have been thicker before so this could have been one problem, but there is some kind of fungus out there.

    Its outside so really cant get a ph and i had given it pretty good nutes. The FF should have at least enough to keep it some what healthy.

    Well i got to thinking about if the rose is anyway related to the brier's i plowed down to make room for my plants. I will look at some to see if its on them too as the 3 most near them are the ones that have it for sure. And the one i put in sideways is budding like mad, looks like every branch will grow each into a cola.

    I hit them last night, but im not able to use one hand to squeeze the spray bottle so getting the upper parts was tough and not sure i got all the plant. Im going to try and find some help to spray all o them down as its says to saturate the plant in all areas and i know i didn't get in the middle or under the leaves. It is an organic product and im hoping a couple applications will do it. Lets hope. And il let ya know if i see it on the briers.

    Im going to look at them today, but i really think thats where it came from. Never heard of it or seen it on anyones plants, but could be some other type of fungus.

    Thanks Rusty:Rasta:
  6. stra8outtaWeed

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    hey bro~ not sure what the black spots are but as RT said BE CAREFUL...easier said than done i know...we have to push the envelope sometimes ;)

    i have been doing my first outdoor grow this year and trying to keep up with the nutes was a pain in the i got some AN Heavy Harvest Fall blend and it is a granular with ph buffers and all and let me say they are some of the healthiest looking plants i have ever all you have to do is throw the water down and by the sound of it mother nature has been doing fair job this year helping with the water...if you want to see pics let me know...but i did not want to post them w/o your permission in your thread:smokin:

    good luck in gettting rid of the spots...wish i had a good answer to help those!

    peace bro!
  7. LetsSeeYa

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    Well Dutch thats just it, they are all infected and so bad it killed all the leaves on one plant already. Now its working on the other plant, everyone in the garden now. I found what looks similar on the surrounding growth. I sprayed them last night, but gave em a once over today as i really didn't get the tops very well as well as the under side of the leaves. The Praying Mantis i saw was still on the plant from after i sprayed yesterday, which i thought was odd as the spray is a bug deterrent too. I did try an spray around him, but still id think the oder would make him take off.

    And Dutch, my NL i cut down, the leaves were gone and the under developed buds began to shrink and dry up. And i see it on the plant above thats budding very, very nicely. This stuff is all over the leaves surrounding the buds:wtf:

  8. LetsSeeYa

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    Oh brotha you said it! I went a bit far tho the other day, but i was trying to haul this big ass dead plant up to see if i had anything worth keeping, hit just a small bump and thats all she wrote. I think i worked as close to the hardest in my life to get my body back upright in my chair. A close one for sure man.

    How do you get a Ph outside? And man ya never have to ask to post anything in my threads, the more the merry bro. Im just trying to get a hold of this fungus, or this grow is over and this is one big grow. Its just that the plants are at least two feet or more over my head and my friend standing even had to look up to the tops. Il stop by your thread man:thumbsup:

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