Any Religious potheads out there?

Discussion in 'Spirituality' started by brave little toaster, May 31, 2006.

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    your smoking it with the wrong intentions and being disrespectful with god's holy herb, i believe it helps you see right from wrong and it encourages me to be a stronger christian...:Rasta:
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    James2theson is expressing very well what most any believer has to deal with. It is not at all an intellectual matter. It has everything to do with the life and walk of the spirit. The spirit leads to all truth also defined as the Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Christ. If James2theson is lacking peace to continue then ~ that alone will cause him to cease. Arguments don't work here. The lack of peace explains all, and supercedes all. "He leads forth in peace". Peace can't be bought, so to speak. It's never worth it.
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    This thread is exactly the reason why I don't buy into religion...yet listen with an open, unbias ear.


    Either way...Krishnamurti, I think you all should read it. :stoned:
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    Hey whats up, where does it state that in the bible?
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    This post is exactly the reason why I don't buy hardbacks or read my paper.
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    Not religous but very spiritual. If I had a religion
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    Religion is and will always be subjective, varying in tenets from person to person, even in the same school of religious thought or congregation. The problem with most church-goers is that instead of saying how they personally feel about a religious topic, they say what they assume they're supposed to say, to align themselves with the dogma and to not appear like a dissenter or something. That sucks, though, because religion shouldn't be comfortable. It should be something to encourage you to evolve to an etheral state of sublimity. We don't get there by drifting.

    Pot can be looked at in 2 ways with that said. It can make you feel carnal, confined into a sensual and self-serving shell that some ppl refer to as well-being while others call it oblivion. this effect makes one hungry, horny, childish, and other attributes considered pleasing to the carnal mind.
    The positive effect of pot on the religious mind is that it dramatically alters your perspective of yourself and the world. Looking at yourself from this detached perspective allows you to see yourself as you really are. It's like you're not looking at the world through your eyes anymore; you're looking at yourself and the world through impartial and uninfluenced eyes, from which one can extract prescriptions to accelerate one's spiritual and earthly life.

    So my point is , these two types of stoners that we all know are not that way because of pot, they are that way because they are that respective kind of person, whom pot influences respectively. To give a general promulgation of the effects of pot on the religious person is futile, since pot does not effect two given people in the exact same way. I personally feel I have a better grasp on the universe whilst high, even more so than serving a two-year religious mission, but this is me.
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    Didn't finish my post before I hit the "Submit Reply" button before! Here's what I meant to say:

    Not religious but very spiritual. If I had a religion I guess it would be Wicca. I think the Earth has its own life force and that any Gods that do exist are found in nature. Screwy stuff, I know. Wiccans are typically avid tokers too so I'd definitely fit in!
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    "If you are atheist or a non-beleiver, please dont post your bullshit. thanks."

    If you only want Christians to reply why don't you try asking the question on some religious website? Unfortunately I have a feeling they won't tell you what you want to hear either.

    Nope, if you're going to be a part of that faction you can't have it both ways--not unless you start your own denomination anyway. Of course you could always start your own "bong hits for Jesus".

    Your problem is you're letting your particular sect tell you what God does and doesn't like, does and doesn't think. Well, the fact of the matter is they don't know what's on the mind of God any more than anyone else does, (even though they claim they do...every religion thinks they have an exclusive on God)

    So you'll have to decide if you're going to hang out with these guys--you'll just have to come to grips with God being a Republican and behave accordingly.
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    I think I am going to quit smoking.. "As with any drug, if nothing is wrong with you, then it can only harm. That's what drugs do. Drugs are meant to correct a problem, but, if there's no problem, why fix it?"~Beach guy in thongs This quote fits me dead on dude.Good quote beachguy! Theres nothing wrong with me, so why smoke? I will stick to drinking (which I do moderately). Also I kinda believe if God really put weed on this planet, then it was meant for the people which really need it. The people which have back pains or qualify for having it. WE are all abusing it and its not really meant for us. My 2 cents anyways, thanks for hearing me out guys and girls appriciate it like always.

    Mr.N out
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    That's the wonderful thing with cannabis. Mostly, all of it's effects contradict other natural and synthetic chemicals.

    If you're depressed, you'll be prescribed something for it, but, if you're not depressed, then taking a drug, like Xanax, will make you happy and relaxed. The next time, and every subsequent time, that you take it, you'll become dependent on it and experience withdrawal symptoms.

    Cannabis, being the wonderful thing that has evolved it's way into Our natural selves, is more like steroids without the side-effects. Pubescant teens should smoke, occassionally, either, during the dawn hours or shortly after sunset, if they are gonna smoke at all. Activating your cannabinoid receptors is, only, proving to be a positive action. I don't see any harm, presently, in melatonin overload, but, in the eyes, cannabinoid receptor dependence has been shown, but that may be a positive thing.
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    I'm sure there's been times when you've said to yourself "what is wrong with the world" or "why is everyone such a fuckin idiot?" Things appear to be wrong with them, and often it's true. Maybe it's not diagnosed in the medical sense, but how many mental and other diseases does science not yet know about? wellness is relative. someone could think they're totally without need of "repair" when a doctor will say there's a host of things gone wrong, and another doctor will disagree. If you're saying physical pain is a necessary condition for pot to be justifyably used, you're negating the ability that it has
    to regulate mental or emotional distress, for which habit-forming pills are often prescribed. And when a person has a bottle of pills with a doctor's name on it to regulate a mental issue, they feel totally validated in using that drug, but many of that same type wouldn't smoke herb to help it simply because it wasn't prescribed. How do you know humankind isn't just inherently sick and is waiting for a cure that they don't know will help? Granted this is an extreme view, but if you want to quit herb due to your cited philosophy, I'd recommend you reassess it. If you were just waiting for a reason to quit, that's different.
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    hmmm, good point... Very tricky situation huh, lol...
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    I am a christian, and I love Jesus with all my heart. I smoke the herb also.

    The guy that posted those bible quotes, thanks. Those were really enlightening.

    My view on it is this. The bible says follow the laws of your land. Although I think smoking green isnt against god at all, it's still a US law. This is the only thing that makes me feel guilty. Marijuana doesnt harm people it makes them more peacefull. This forum is a "pothead" forum and I havent seen anybody here say one mean thing to anybody. Only kindness.

    So I think smoking with friends and close family members is spiritually helpful. Indians used it to get intact with there gods, and I use it to have fun and feel closer to God.

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    I can agree with you partially, burnable. It is true than many, church goers swallow or parrot much of what they have grown up with. I did the same thing. God showed up very quickly, when I started to question things.......I don't know if He responded so fast to my inquiry, or if He actually put the question in my mind or heart because he knew what he was going to reveal.

    This isn't to you buddy, I'm just using this as a sping board...ok?

    There are so many, wonderful quotes by men making statements about questioning faith or God as if it's a bad thing. It's a good thing. We must do it. something that is tested. We've tried it. We've driven it like a rental and it's still running and drives straight. Question everything. I didn't say doubt everything or just avoid the question..........well,

    It is then known. In fact God says "Lets reason together". He is not impressed with ......Chapter titles, and no text on the pages. Real questions, getting real answer quoting party lines have no edge to it, no bite.
    of coarse as it relates to any field.

    It's life really, that's so uncomfortable, Jesus came that we would have quality of life, and that......more abundantly. It's my own hardheadedness, that blocks or diminishes my quality of life. Some things have to be burned into me, some things have to be burned out. I personally would enjoy a more peaceable content life if I wasn't chasing the BIG buck, and all that goes with it, and just simply living, spending time with my loved ones.

    One of my biggest problems,..... spending so much time on things for enjoyment, specifically my house, my car,.....whatever, and not having time left to enjoy them......It's crazy. I have to obviously deal with the fact that I must back off on perfectionism and start enjoying my wife, friends, the house (as It Is), is bitch'n though. I'm modifying an LS1 late model corvette motor to go into an old '67' Firebird conv........fuel injected, computer upgrades, dyno tuned, close to 400 horses. on pump gas and 20 mpg.......incredible.

    Some of these things are just bowls of soup though. Selling our birthright, for something that is a Meir token. I already have enough regrets. Many fortunately caught in time.......Am I On Topic? . . .Probably not. Good to see everyone, Hope all are well..........Braddog10
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    Hey,Hamlet, This is what He saw in the very beginning. The carved Images of God ...idolatry. Carving Him out into what ever any faction would much of the earliest written text, are types and shadows ~ primitive forms of what would become major issues later. But, the simplicity ~ The Graven image ~ . So descriptive.

    Shaping his political views, social, whatever...... really to our image.........hum sounds familiar. Satan tried the same thing. He didn't fly. None of us can be trusted with God hood either. Maybe "PE" can just chill and deal with it.
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    yeah i'm not religous at all, but hey, next time you talk to him just be like 'god created everything on earth right? THAT MEANS HE CREATED WEED DUMBASS!'
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    i have a freind who goes to like a cultish like church which think they r like super christians and r perfect and shit and he smokes weed,

    i dont even know if wat i just said makes said or should even b in this thread :confused:

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