Any THC in stems?

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by Happy Jack, May 27, 2005.

  1. Happy Jack

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    I really want to try cooking some brownies, but needing atleast 1/2 for 20 brownies is way too expensive without any "hookups." Therefore, I was wondering what if I took about 3/4 ounce of stems and cooked that in 1/3 cup butter?

    What would be the effect? Is there even any THC in stems? If there is, then I'll be able to gather some stems from friends pretty quickly. Will this work?
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  3. justinsane

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    i think if you did that.. you might as well use sawdust instead of flour... those sure arent gonna taste anything like a civilized browney should in fact... taste.
  4. Gumby

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    make oil out of your stems and such and then see how much you have and you'll be able to tell more about how and if you can get high off them... not like cannabutter oil, like hash oil
  5. XTC

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    No... What you do is buy an 1/8th of really high grade weed. Get some 100 proof alcohol, Ever Clear will do. Put the Weed in there Stems and all. Let sit for about a week or so. After the Week take some shots. You have a new High/Drunk feeling. A new kind of feeling all its own. Just don't take too many shots or you will not enjoy it.
  6. FunkyMonkey

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    Yes there is goods in stems but if youre gonna make butter toss some shake in there at least.
  7. Funken Monken

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    Get yourself a bottle of Vodka or something then just dump all your stems / trimmings in there, and then leave for as long as you can. It'll got gree/brown in the end and all the good stuff will leech into the booze
  8. harmonicminor

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    actually stems make for a pretty tasty cup of tea with no buzz. there should be some thc content and also cannabinols wich can be converted to thc manually. I wont say how but do a search for delta 9 thc and hash or something on the web and you should be able to find it.
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  10. Goodman3eb

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    Grind up your stems in a grinder with a kief container at the bottom, then throw out the stems and put the kief in the brownies. It will FUCK YOU UP!!
  11. Luwigy

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    I can answer this with a simple "yes" (i am currently high on some stem LOL")

    Stems are slightly more than quarter the strength of the bud they came from :) the high is slightly differnent too more mellow. what ive just put through my clear (see-through) bong..... was two small pinches of stem finely chopped with a stanley knife blade. it wasn't much stem at all it came from an 8th so only 3 small pieces.

    The smoke going through the bong is bright white and very very easy to swallow very smooth. well its been 30mins (ive clocked it) and im still nice and mellow :)

    I hope a few dudes read this and pass on the info..... "grate/finely chop those stems and smoke them (don;t store it, it gets old like bud).... or chop it up and mix it in wiv the weed man"
  12. SmokenTokeOne

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    I think every little bit helps. You might want to take a different approach to the stems, like some people here suggested, but I think that if you get enough of those stems together you will definitely be able to make some effective brownies. When I made cannabutter with ditchweed I dumped everything in there, and it certainly got me high-aye-aye. Don't agree with the user who said the brownies will taste bad - they'll taste like weed brownies, with a certain particular taste and smell that I personally love. Good luck!
  13. Dancing_Bear

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    Yes! I made cannabutter out of just stems, and it works. Use 2 plastic grocery bags full of stems, grind them into a powder, and make cannabutter like you would with buds, trim, or leaf.

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