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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by LimboLarckey, Dec 4, 2016.

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    Nice canopy!
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  2. LimboLarckey

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    Thanks wagon! i am still somewhat concerned about the discoloration in my foliage, given that i am only 30 days into flower i am really hoping my girls will persevere! Any helpful tips/insight would be greatly appreciated.

    As per my mold issues i am still battling little flare ups here and there and employing a cup of H202 to a gallon of water to hopefully combat further outbreaks. I am also trying out H202 diluted at 1 cup to one gallon h20 for foliar spray in my veg tent. I HATE MOLD ( white powdery mildew) SO MUCH

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  3. LimboLarckey

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    HEY DBG!
    Just curious if you might have time lending your wisdom on my current situation, I really hope that girl in back will make it to the end of flower :/
  4. DirtyBlueGene

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    So you still battle powdery mildew? I remember at the start of this thread there was an issue with low humidity, what changed that?
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  5. LimboLarckey

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    My humidity is being raised using the ghetto wicking solution with a bowl of water and hand towels ( I change out every 3 days). I spoke with someone at a clone distribution store that said its most likely a ph issue and that i should flush the plant with ph'd water at around 5.5-5.8 I am planning on taking his advice unless you say otherwise, my Locomotion plant is looking fairly yellow :( Let me know as soon as you can!
  6. LimboLarckey

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    Ok well i took drastic measures and flushed my Locomotion with 2.5 gallons of ph'd water at around 5.5-5.8 ph, here goes nothing!!!!!!
  7. DirtyBlueGene

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    I would have said ph to 6.5, if you are using soil, 5.8 if you are using coco or soilless mix like pro-mix, and I'm laughing at myself right now, because after 5 pages I realize that I don't know what your growing medium is. :rolleyes:

    Regardless, you already flushed so let's see how it goes. :)
  8. EvilCartman

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    With regard to your continued issues with PM, increase the airflow. You need more circulation to combat this.
    In addition to more air movement, I'd stop hanging the wet towels. Low humidity is seldom an issue that causes any problems. It can make things cozy for mites. If no insect issues, I'd go with the 20-30% humidity, over PM issues in flower.

    Greencure is what was recommended to me for PM. :thumbsupold:
    You need to get it all, and eliminate the pockets of dead air. (or you'll be fighting it constantly)

    DBG's got me wonderin'. Just read the thread...
    What is your medium? o_O
  9. LimboLarckey

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    OK sorry it took me so long to reply, I am using FFOF as my growing medium, i have noticed that this medium stays damp a bit longer than id like so i have been adding 1/3 with perlite to my other plants in veg and that is seeming to help a bit. My next seedlings will be a mix of Happy Frog, FFOF and Perlite as im still not sure they are getting dry quick enough.

    I have added an extra clip fan ( these clip fans are WEAK IMHO)to my flower tent and removed my wicking rag for humidity, I am going to wipe the mold off of my leaves again tonight.... is white powdery mildew devastating to your buds or more of a simple nuisance?

    Thanks for your two cents DBG and Cartman!
  10. Wagonweed

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    Mold on your buds is buds headed out to the trash, so it's serious. I'd never consume it.
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  11. Weezard

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    I agree, for molds like Aspergillus and black mold.
    But WPM is relatively harmless if unpalatable.

    If it gets deep into the buds it will ruin your crop's taste.
    Most cases though most of it gets trimmed off.

    I use H2O2 3% mixed half and half with room temperature water to rinse it from my buds.
    Works well and also cleans off honeydew and bug poo.

    Toss the freshly trimmed buds into a jar of this mix and shake the shit out of it.
    As long as the water is not icy cold, the glands do not get knocked off by even violent shaking.
    I took macro photos before and after to check that.
    Take them out, whip the excess water off of them and hang them to dry.
    I also add H2O2 to the ice water when making hash for the same reasons.
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  12. LimboLarckey

    LimboLarckey Registered+

    FIrst off i want to thank you all once again! :D

    Well that's Terrifying, It doesn't look as though it has spread to the buds themselves just yet. If i continue to wipe the leaves and keep the RH down to a reasonable level 30%, with better airflow is it possible to keep it under control enough to not take the measure's Weezard described above? I haven't been spraying my plants with any solutions. Argh this is frustrating.

    Weezard are you saying you toss your freshly trimmed buds in a water x H202 solution? Does this cost you any flavor, to me the smell and flavor of the flowers is one of the best parts :(
  13. Weezard

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    That's exactly why I do it. to get rid of off tastes and odors.

    If terpenes were water soluble, rain would ruin the scent and flavor of our buds.
    Most of what we are after is encapsulated in the resin glands.
    They are protected by a waxy cuticle
    So the flavor is not only undiminished, it is actually enhanced by the lack of competing off tastes and odors.

  14. LimboLarckey

    LimboLarckey Registered+

    Interesting! I just want to be sure, and this might be stating the obvious, but i should still be diligent in combating the mold by wiping the leaves with water + (Milk, h202, No More WPM, *any of the above*) and increase air flow, decrease humidity etc?

    Also would a dehumidifier/air purifier be a winning combination to combat future outbreaks?

    Let me know your thoughts and if possible perhaps outline in more detail how i rinse the flowers (How much water per shake?) after harvest/trimming
  15. Weezard

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    Here ya go, bro.

    Everything you need to know.
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  16. LimboLarckey

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    WHAT THE WHATTT!!!?? That is terrifying haha, I mean I trust the guy, i just ordered one of his books! :p Wow that is just crazy, so you can wash your buds with no ill affects? I know that's what you said im just flabbergasted. Either way i trimmed up some of the bushier areas that were more harshly affected by the mold and repositioned my fans to be directly blowing across each plants canopy along with my filtered intake fan blowing beneath the canopy. I will continue to wipe with h202 every few days to hopefully keep the mold at bay. In future i will have a dehumidifier to maintain lower RH throughout the cycle....also not set plants in my flower tent unless i know they are MOLD FREE from the get go....argh this learning experience is fun but painful at the same time!
  17. LimboLarckey

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    Hey All,
    I am having continuing humidity issues, as I am single at the moment I have some expendable income so I bout a 30 pint Dehumidifier and 2 high powered 8in oscilating fans for more canopy movement. At day 46 i think its too late to make a huge difference on this yield, but I really don't want to have this mold issue on my second go around.

    My Locomotion is almost completely yellow, ( as i think i mentioned earlier I tried a flush but i haven't seen any improvement :( ) I will post pictures soon but anyhow, i think my next purchase needs to be a soil PH tester and digital H20 Ph tester! I really want to produce a flower i can be proud of!!

    -Frustrated Toad

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