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    Hi All !!! Buds Buddy here (yeah...kind of thought it sounds like Bugs Bunny) thought I'd use it for fun.
    Anyways...New Grower...or at least giving it a shot. I'm hoping to get some help on growing info here. Read a lot of the posts & did get some answers but still not sure what's right for my current set-up. So let me give you some details of what I have now. I'm using a 2'x4'x6' Grow Tent. I have 4 plants that were recently transplanted into 3 Gallon pots. The 1st 2-3 weeks I used 4 - 45 watt 2700K 3700 Lumen CFL's for seedlings.
    Once the plants were about 6" high I transplanted & changed my lights to 4 - 85 watt 5500K 4250 Lumen CFL's. As seedlings I used 20-20-20 fertilizer once a week. Now I'm using 30-10-10 during Vegetation.
    So..........Will what I'm using work or do I need to get the 6500K Bulbs ? Are higher wattage CFL's better ?
    I see a lot of people using 45 watt 6500K CFL's so I'm wondering if I even need 85 watt bulbs. main dilemma at this point is figuring out the correct amount of light for a 2'x4'x6' grow tent.
    What watt ? What Color / Temp ? How many Lumens ? Plants are almost 12" now so need to get things right in a hurry. I do pH test my water also. Any info or tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks...& in the words of John Wayne...."Let's Fire Em' Up & Smoke Em' Out !"
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    Can't help with the lighting, I use LEDs.

    But, I can offer an important tip.
    Pest prevention makes for clean meds.
    Lay dryer sheet on the soil surface as a barrier and repellent.
    That will eliminate Fungus gnats and thrips.

    Wee 'zard
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  3. Buds Buddy

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    Thanks for the tip. I'll do that in the morning. I've been wondering about the LED's but not sure what I'd need for the tent I have.
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    Hi Buddy ~ I think your nutrient is fine ~ as for lighting ~ there are many thoughts ``` You can if you wish ~ stay with the lighting ~ you used to start the plants ~ I've done that ~ I've been smiling ~ choose you method ~ from what you have ~ tell us what results you find ~ or ~ do both ~ and you'll be able to describe your advantage ```

    We'll talk more ~ as we meet on thread ~ welcome ```

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