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Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Habinar, Jun 16, 2018.

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    Good evening to everyone. So I was searching for bale spear for my John Deere loader and I met this website for john deere loader attachments. I found what I needed and I am glad that I ordered it here. Because the price and the quality are really the best. Follow the link if you are searching for the loader attachments.
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    Bale spear?
    Lazy buggah. Just use a couple bale hooks and get back to work. :)
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    A bale spear for a tractor is for the round bales. They are typically 5-6 feet in diameter and about 5 feet thick and weigh over 250 pounds. The spear is a pointed bar about 7 feet long solid steel and 2”-3” in diameter. They attach to the three point hook up on a tractor or to the bucket lift. You basically spear the bale in the middle like you’re stabbing a marsh mellow with a coat hanger then lift the bale to move/load it. How he found something like that here is beyond me.
    I suspect this is spam.

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