Any use for saved stems?

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by pinkyslayer, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. pinkyslayer

    pinkyslayer Registered+

    Is there anything you can do with a jar full of stems? They all come from high grade weed, and all of them have what looks like trichomes all over the I was wondering if you could make hash or green dragon or anything out of them. Thanks.
  2. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Yeah, Green Dragon is a possibility, or you could soak them in tequila and make a traditional home remedy for arthritis aches like they do in Mexico.
  3. allrollsin21

    allrollsin21 Registered+

    fuel for a fire...burn baby burn.
    though i like stinky's idea better. Mixing the herb and Tequila, wowzas!
  4. Weedhound

    Weedhound Registered+

    The stems could be counted as weight of product in some counties/states. I'd be careful about keeping "extras" of things around.......also heard they count the rootball as "part of the plant" as well during a bust in some places too.
  5. pinkyslayer

    pinkyslayer Registered+

    That's a good point. I'm pretty sure they would throw the book at me and count that as weight too, since I live in GA. Anyone else on here feel like they live in the strictest fucking MJ state in the Union?
  6. Bigbore

    Bigbore Registered

    i live in TX brother even a misdemeanor possesion (less than 2 oz) can get u jail time
  7. blackdragon5515

    blackdragon5515 Registered

    thats like nothing? 2 ounces only a misdemeanor.

    I live in maine anything over 1.25 ounces is a felony.
    New Hampsure which is like 30 minutes from me. A joint will get u arrested
  8. Gunner420

    Gunner420 Registered+

    yeah, i live in kansas, and my brother in law said a friend of his got pulled over and they found a few seeds and maybe a stem or 2 and they gave him a big fine, then 2 days later they raided his house and only found a dirty bong...and now he might have to serve 6 months...for some seeds and a dirty bong....rediculous
  9. fluid69

    fluid69 Registered+

    if everybody in the country saved their weed money for one week, we could buy us a congressman! get some legislation going our way. lol
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  10. Gunner420

    Gunner420 Registered+

    haha, that is genious:thumbsup: weed:(
  11. fluid69

    fluid69 Registered+

    and that's why we grow our own! lol
  12. lunarose

    lunarose Registered+

    Hi All, I take my stems, boys and trim throw it in a mason jar filled with lemon extract (90+ proof and cheaper then Bacradi 151 or Everclear) let it soak for a month then strain the liquid into a pyrex 8x13 pan and leave it outside to evaporated and then scrape up what's left and use it for edibles.
  13. dmahny88

    dmahny88 Registered+

    Wow. Neat!
  14. bigtopsfinn

    bigtopsfinn Registered+

    Since this came up I thought I'd share what my crackhead friends here do:

    They save the stems in a glass jar until its full. Then then put acetone in the jar, close it shake it up for a while, and stick it in the freezer. It stays there a while, the longer the better they say. Then it gets strained and poured out onto some dish. They wait for the acetone to evaporate, and usually take tobacco and scrape the oil off the plate, then right into the bong.

    Now, tobacco is definitely not healthy, but what do you think about the acetone? I think it leaves some residue, right?
  15. Coelho

    Coelho Registered

    I think it depends a lot on the brand of the acetone one uses and the temperature one evaporates it... i always do it (hash oil) with my weed, not only with the stems. I put the acetone into a wine glass, put the wine glass into a pan with boiling water and let the acetone evaporate there, which leaves no residue at all, but only the pure hash oil.
    And i never mix tobacco with it, just scrap it, vaporize it and get HIGH :stoned:
  16. bigtopsfinn

    bigtopsfinn Registered+

    I've been thinking about doing it, but having such a small apartment with no powered ventilation makes me think twice.
  17. bubbleboy

    bubbleboy Registered+

    Take your stems and grind them up, then sprinkle them around your yard to throw off a drug dog. :)
  18. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    ... stay away from hazardous chemicals, for extraction ... kinda pathetic, to be that desperate for a buzz :wtf: ... stems make good landfill :smokin:
  19. bigtopsfinn

    bigtopsfinn Registered+

    I feel that way too...

    Only here in Finland, especially up North, good weed and hash are hard to come by (not much bad weed or hash either, for that matter). So, the hard-core smokers will extract anything they can, healthy or not :(

    I'm so glad to be my own supplier... don't have to worry about getting every last bit of thc, unlike everyone else paying €15 a gram or more.

    Saving stems for cooking purposes might be the best option in the end. :jointsmile:
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  20. Coelho

    Coelho Registered

    Indeed... flammable vapours in a underventilated place are a sure recipe for a disaster.

    Well... unfortunately i can get only 3-4oz of mids per YEAR so i must extract even the last bit of the THC from the thinnest stem... blessed are the ones who can grown their own weed...

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