Anybody else have a relative with Aspergers?

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    For those who don't know, Aspergers syndrome is basically high-functioning autism. It's autism without the cognitive impairment. It still causes lack of social skill, delay in mental development, obessive-compulsive behavior, problem's with fine motor skills like writing or typing, and a tendency for tantrums (interestingly, I recently read that some theorize aspergers may be caused at least in part by a seratonin deficiency, which would account for this).

    Anyway, my little brother has Aspergers; he's 17. I've always looked out for him since I was 5, and sadly I'm his best friend since he doesn't have any friends, what with the social ineptitude that comes with the package.

    I love the kid and I'll always look out for him but... he drives me freakin' nuts! We have about 1-2 minor fights a day, 5-6 days out of the week. He's incredibly high-strung and pretty much bouncing off the walls.
    Because of his obessiveness he always has to put everything back in it's proper place even if it's at a totally inconvenient time.
    He'll say totally embarrasing and innapropriate things when we have company over (thankfully my long-time friends understand and are used to it). He gets really mad about the tiniest things and swears a blue streak, every day.
    When he gets aggitated he's extremely rude to our parents or me or my sister, like way over the top, but we have to keep reminding ourselves that he doesn't even realize he's acting like an asshole (he really doesn't).
    He's constantly doing weired things at innapropriate times. (sniffing the cats, climbing structues in public places, insists on running ahead when he's walking with somebody, the only way he can play with other kids is telling them exactly what to do - which of course drives them off)
    And he frequently gets an entirely different meaning than what you said.

    So I'm not alone here right? Anybody here have someone with aspergers, do they drive you nuts too?
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    I know a kid with aspergers syndrome at school. The kid is brilliant but has temper tantrums every now and then and is just all-around wierd. He seems like a pretty normal kid but super nerdy basically.
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    You don't really need to get tested. I pretty much have aspergers myself, god knows socializing is a bitch, it's just mild enough that nobody ever diagnosed me.
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    How long has your family lived in the same place? How often does your family eat and drink the same foods? What changes has your family done on a daily base, weekly, monthly, and yearly. What are habits? Habits are things a person does without having to think about how to do it. Your brother lives one day to the next, the same as you and your parents, which means your brother and the rest of you have too much free time to THINK, wonder, ponder and assume and many other things, brought about by doing things based on habits. Rearrange the house, cook something different, go buy a toy to play with, just start doing things throughout the day, "THAT CANNOT BE DONE WITHOUT HAVING TO THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING.
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    In my early forties, a Prediatrician after hearing my talk about my success living with a mentally challenged and mentall ill brain asked me. Have you ever been tested? My reply, should I be myself now or how I was five years ago, or when I was twenty or fifteen or four years old, when I would just sit on the floor without a thought to move.
    My parents never treated me like I had a condition, I was never told or explained the reason for not being able to understand or connecting with school or friends or simple things. I was treated like my five other siblings. My father moved us around while I was growing up, this was stressful, but, great for it helped me by not falling into a routine, new people, new smells, new sights, new things, new foods, and so much more and then we would move again.
    Psychologists have said to me. I don't know how you did it? But, you have been able to rewire your brain.- I can see your brain was retarded as a child. The spirit inside you is perfect and the spirit helped you get better(this came from a psychologist working with people traumatized by severe head injuries and he works with two other to find a cure for autism, -another psychologist, teaches psychology at a university and works with autistic children had a loss for words after hearing about my childhood and seeing me there talking to her.
    Explore the five senses, be active in new things, be open to any conversation he would like to have, this will give you directions on where to take his thinking.
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    Yes, I do. As others have pointed out, individuals may exhibit intense symptoms who have difficulty keeping a job, or they may simply do some "odd" personality traits but still live successful lives.

    Here is one question for you: does your brother spend time on the internet in any meaningful way? Here is why I ask... my experience with AS was that the acting out/frustration was because the person in question could not verbally communicate. However, when he found that he can express himself through the internet (typing) the acting out. I did a bit more research and I finally found this (a long but worthwhile read): The Truth About Autism: Scientists Reconsider What They Think They Know

    Yes, I've been there. It may be something that drives you nuts but the condition is not something they can control, but your reaction to it is. I would suggest that you look into (or develop) methods of deflating the "driving nuts" feeling. It should help you in the long.
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    Is it just me or have others been seeing ALOT more people claiming Aspergers in news? Kinda odd.
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    south park helped retards pretend

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