Anybody ever had sciatica?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by mrdevious, May 10, 2006.

  1. mrdevious

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    I'm wondering if anybody's had sciatica, and if they found something that makes it better. I worked with my dad for the first time in half a year yesterday (doing firestop cauking), and now I have horrible sciatica that just seems to be getting worse rather than better.

    I've had it many times before in the past 4 years from plenty of nerve damage to my neck and back, but I've never had it this bad. I've taken craploads of accetomenophen and ibeprophen but it's not making the slightest difference, I've stretched, I took a hot bath, I've tried walking it off but that only makes it worse. And the odd thing is it's getting gradually worse as the day goes on; this morning it hurt moderately, now if I bend or change my stance in any way it sends a burning pain down the back of my leg all the way from my ass to my low calf, it's like a knife that's on fire has cut my leg all the way down. I'm certain it's from pressure on a nerve because it hits worse when I bend certain ways, though it hurts when I sit or lie down too.

    and to make matters worse I only have one fat joint, which I don't know when I'll save it till, but the last bowl I smoked yesterday helped a good deal. Plus I gotta be able to work a half day tomorrow and friday so I can have enough money for the ounce my friend is bringing down a week and a half from now. He's able to get it for $140, which is a nice deal off the usual $150.

    so, any ideas?
  2. God v2.0

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    gut the joint and smoke it out of a pipe, theres a better THC transer rate that way, meaning more relief for the same amount of weed.
  3. mrdevious

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    But I remembered reading that joints had the best transfer rate, and pipes had a rather poor one:confused: . Also from person experience joints just get me higher.
  4. PlainOldMe

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    you need to ice your back before yoou stretch take 1 extra strength tylenol and a 500/500 vicoden them smoke a big doobie and it will set off the vicoden and you will be floating in comfort
  5. del...

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    a good strong indica and a hot pad...unless you have a hot springs or jaccuzi nearby. i've been struggling with sciatica for 15 years now and 7 surgeries and 2 fusions (L5-S1 area) later and it's worse. surgery only made it worse...

    so now i'm stuck on daily morphine intake with perc's for the breakthrough pain...marinol and bud works very well for giving the pain pills a boost and usually only takes half the prescribed amount to be comfortable (nothing so far takes it totally away) so yes, thc does work, and my pain doc is documenting it for a future paper! i suggest setting up an appointment with a pain management clinic asap so you can get some rest and comfort...then work on the cause. but try to avoid surgery and if advised, get another opinion before jumping into it. i didn't and am paying for it for the remainder of my days...also, move to an enlightened state so you can grow your meds with less worry. most states with med use have sciatica and other chronic pain conditions listed specifically as a reason to qualitfy.

    good luck
  6. Gen

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    try castor oil packs. look them up on google hit words edgar cayce castor oil.
    I cured my back pain. This works for all kinds of muscle strain. Basically rub a thin layer of castor oil over the painful area. If it's sciatica the pain goes all the way up to your buttocks. It's a pinched nerve. Anyway, place a piece of white plastic over the skin and use a hot pad. To remove castor oil use baking soda and water on a paper towel. For my back it took two weeks and I slept with the castor oil pack, with no heating pad.

    good luck
  7. Ganjasaurusrex

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    I was busting up concrete one day. Picked up a 120 lb. piece of concrete and twisted at the waist instead of turning my feet to put it in the truck.

    I understand that pain fully.

    Seriously, it took 10 minutes to crawl to the bathroom and 10 to crawl back. I did this for a week. There was no way I could upright myself. Breathing hurt.

    I used a workout ball, those large ones, to roll my back and a variety of stretches until I worked it out. It was a pinched nerve not a tear.

    You may move a certain way one day inadvertantly not thinking about it and it just pops on its own.

    But yeah I can relate to the firery pain.
  8. harmonicminor

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    I have neck problems bigtime
    squishyness and pain, headaches most of the time that feel like my whole head is in a vise. smoking mj seems to make it worse. I had xrays, catscan and MRI's wich all showed negative. I had to quit smoking weed recently because it made it so bad. this sucks
    what does pain management do for you??? do they give you drugs??? Im not sure if I want that lol

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