Discussion in 'U.S. District of Columbia (DC)' started by hemp1985, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. hemp1985

    hemp1985 Registered

    Anybody from dc... im at american university right now:Rasta:
  2. chillinfromdc

    chillinfromdc Registered

    yo i just started at AU. I'm tryin to meet people that are down, are you out here for any permanency and do you know anybody - hit me up if you want
  3. srmjjg

    srmjjg Registered

    Yo, Im in DC... Georgetown. Also trying to meet people who are down with the dope. Can't seem to find anyone. Hit me up if you're interested. AIM is mitchedjr2989
  4. SRhead

    SRhead Registered

    same here hit me up if anyone is cool like that aim: spencerreedxxx
  5. MacMerdin

    MacMerdin Registered

    I'm in DC. I've been looking for a different source for my meds. Anyone know?

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