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  1. vanislgrower

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    looking for what young sativas look like oppose to indica. Know the basic obviously ie thin-sativa, wide-indica , but looking for soem young sativa plants about a foot big thanks.
  2. should

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    i pretty sure i have both sativa and indica, the one on the left is called PPP and is sativa, the 2 on the right are bagseed but they have wide leaves so i assume theyre indica.if u wanna see more check out my grow log or this website where i keep all my pics,

    EDIT: btw i think that plant is around 14 to 15 inches tall in that pic

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  3. the image reaper

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    SHOULD, both your pictured plants are hybrids, neither is a straight sativa ... I lost all my stuff in recent fire, but if you do a 'Search' for 'willie nelson' in here, you may find some pics I posted of that straight sativa plant (garbage, by the way, a prime example of winning Cannabis Cups by way of high$$ advertising) :jointsmile:
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  4. should

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    really?? wow, i learn sumthin new every day
  5. vanislgrower

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    alright ill try lookin that up. At my current garden a bunch are typical indica and hybrids but there are 2 very straight not broad leaves and taller rather than shorter and stubbier. The seeds i got were a mix from a friend, this is the reason for the mix and uknown origin of strain. if you do find your old post plz send the link on this post, thanks
  6. GreenLeaf420

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    Google that shit the leaves should tell the story the indica is Really wide!!!!

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