Anybody Know About Wal-mart Testing?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by FuckWalMart, Jun 20, 2008.

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    I was locked up for 2 months tested every 2 weeks failed every time. My urine was completely diluted (clear, water-like) and the tests they used (with a lid and a cracking release seal thing) with strips for "coc" "thc" "opiates" i think the last one is correct not sure(doesnt matter) point of the matter is the test they used didnt have to be sent anywhere.

    I drank water non-stop (as i was locked up with nothing to do.) and did push-ups and ran in place almost all day long. I dont think it would have mattered if my piss was clear or lacking vitamins if only the lines would have appeared or dissapeared(dont remember which), im confident i would have passed.

    I was told if i could pass a drug test i would have been released. Well, many tests later (all having failed), they just released me for whatever reason and started monitoring the actually lvl of my thc in mg's "2554mg" my probation officer told me that i must be high more often than i am not high and its the highest she has ever seen.

    My day consists of wake and bake. eat something then smoke several more bowls. Then i drive around or fish. get high while i fish. then i go smoke some more weed then eat. im 5'4 135 lbs.

    does anybody know what type of drug test wal-mart uses if its to the lab or a snapping cup? Do they monitor you? What are the odds i could get somebody elses piss into that cup? how do i get there piss in the cup? And has anybody taken a Wal-Mart test or know somebody who did who either passed or failed?

    I REALLY NEED SOME INPUT. (as i have failed many times)
    I SMOKE VERY MUCH MARIJUANA (i know alot of people claim this for social status or for whatever reason but im just stating a harsh fact) I have a STRIP nc Natural Cleanser Cleaning drink with Psyllerol
    Extra Strength. How long will wal-mart give me to clean out before they spawn a test on me?

    Does anybody actually know if STRIP nc dilutes or detoxifys completely. Am i good after i take it and it works its magic Or* is there some time period i would have to take the test within?

    Im also planning to use the dilution method along with this or the day before or vise versa i would really appreciate a detailed "walk through" of how somebody that smokes everyday all day (alot....) would have the best chance of passing?

    Also Should i start taking creatine daily to help with the process, will it be of any effect?

    When before should i quit smoking pot? I know the sooner the better but i gotts a problem holmes

    Sorry for this gigantic post.
    but im unemployed now.
    and i REALLY need a job.
    or else im a homeless pothead
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    Hey man, that green font is real hard to read.

    One thing though is that since we don't allow cusswords in thread titles or user names, I'm going to have to ask that you register under a different handle... although to be quite honest I share your sentiments. That place has just about the worst HR practices around. Blech.
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