anybody know of any good natural pesticides?

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    SKYTZO Registered

    bug's and spider mite's
    are eating all my leaves
    and i want to use something
    natural that i can just find on
    the ground somewhere
    please help

    also i'm using natural tomato nutrients
    are these any good they seem to
    give the leaves a light green color
  2. SauceeMcGee

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    You can't really find this on the ground anywhere but dilluted dish soap works well, isopropyl alcohol works great as well. That's what we use at my greenhouse. There's also this organic fish kind of soap that we use but I'm unsure of what it actually is...

    As far as stuff you can just pick up off the ground, idk. That's where the damn bugs came from in the first place. Kill them with something they don't have a resistance to or are familiar to. I recomend isoprpyl alcohol. It literally dissolves them and their eggs. Is this indoor or outdoor?

  3. Italiano715

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    Organicide.....It is OMRI tested and recommended. Bit pricey for a spray bottle though ($12). Can purchase it at Lowe's!

    Or just go with some Hot Shots No Pest Strip!

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  4. AssassinDJ

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    Look into Neem oil.. Make sure to follow the directions tho, or you can cause damage
  5. GaGrown

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    If used right.... Neem oil and ProTek as an imulsifier are the best remedy for mites. Neem disrupts the reproduction..
  6. the image reaper

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    an insecticide containing 'pyrethrins' is safe, (made from marigolds) ... generally, any product specifically made for fruits and vegetables, will also be safe, IF label directions are understood, and carefully followed :smokin:
  7. ronjohn420

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    never tried it but found this nifty recipie online

    This mixture is great for combating many different types of bugs, but especially caterpillars, aphids, and many types of those nasty worms.

    What you need:

    1 cup of tobacco

    1 gallon of water

    Put the tobacco into the container of water. Allow the mixture to set for approximately 24 hours. After it has stood for a day, check the color. It should be the shade of weak tea. If it is too dark, just dilute it with water until it looks right.

    *Warning: Don't use this solution on peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, or any other member of the solanaceous family. Tobacco chemicals can kill these types of plants!

    SKYTZO Registered

    Outdoor, I'm gonna try isopropyl alcohol.
    But, How often should i apply it?, And should i dilute it in water?,
    And should i mist it or wipe it?

    Also can anyone confirm that if the stems start turning a bit
    red that means she needs to be fed?
  9. ForgetClassC

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    I too have this flys and spider mite problem, I would like to know when and how the iso is applied, thank you.

  10. Mississippi Steve

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    Go down to the garden center and get a bag of ladybugs.. they eat the mites and aphids, but won't hurt the plants. If you *just have to use chemicals*, use a little bit of dish soap and water in a sprayer. Check on some ofthe organic gardening sites for the proportions.
  11. GreenShadows

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    Tanglefoot = Physical Barrier for Mites etc...

    Tanglefoot is a great cheap physical barrier for insects like Mites.

    >>>Active: Natural Gum Resins 25%
    >>>Inert: Castor Oil, Carnauba Wax 75%

    Apply to branches of the plant and any insect walking over it will get stuck and die. It is great cheap stuff.:smokin::thumbsup:
  12. SkunkFarms

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    I use Neem oil from begining veg to about the second to third week of flowering. It doesn't kill the pests... what it does is creates a natural waxie coating over the leaves stopping them from being able to eat the leaves of your girls. So if they can't eat they can't live. I never get bugs and I don't have to use any pesticides.:jointsmile:

    And Make sure you spray the shit out them once to twice a week... don't forget about the undersides of the leaves either.
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  13. RockyMtnDezL

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    If you want natural remedies try bat guano, and sand added to soil for gnats, and ladybugs plucked from your garden or purchased from a garden center indoors they die quickly...lights. They eat aphids,spider mites,etc. And if you are indoors and want to get rid of spidermites, put a fan on the infected plant. They hate wind. As far as store bought shit, I use Safer Insect soap, treat em to a light mist once a month or more often...depends. Works good, dont over do it!
  14. Gordon2010

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    organic pesticides for tomatoes

    There is absolutely no doubt that marigolds, planted near tomatoes or roses, for example, greatly reduce the frequency of attack by aphids - the most persistent of all garden pests. This is simply because they attract hover-flies whose larvae devour aphids by the thousand. Hover-flies are the most valuable pest predators in the garden and there are different species all over the world. Before laying her eggs the female needs protein, which she gets from the pollen. She then lays individual eggs on colonies of aphids so that the larvae have a readily available source of food when they hatch. The hover-fly has a short feeding tube so needs to feed from an open-structured flower where the pollen is easily accessible. Therefore by planting marigolds, poppies, nasturtiums or dwarf morning glory between plants, you minimize aphid attack.

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  15. moorebait

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    Worm Castings and Worm tea natures purest fertilizer herbicide non toxic

    you can take worm castings and make a tea and spray onto leaves will deter insects etc to leave
    castings are also a great organic fertilizer to grow plants of any kind

    ( 1.) Naturally organic and odor free!
    ( 2.) Will not burn plants - at any concentration! (even the most delicate seed or plant is safe
    (4.) Castings also increase the soil's water retention as they contain absorbent organic matter that holds water by the plant's roots.
    (5.) Castings contain growth hormones for bigger and more fibrous roots.
    (6.) Longer lasting nutrition for plants because of the capsule-like structure of the castings
    (7.) Provides a slow release, continuous fertilization. The fact is our Soil Builder is from earthworm castings,our castings are created by Mother Nature herself,
    (8.) promoting optimum plant growth as nature intended! Results are so spectacular that we feel confident in offering a 100% money back guarantee
    (9.) Has Natural Insect Repellant powers , meaning less or no more CHEMICALS!! go to my site Moore Bait wholesale Retail Tasty Bait No Refrigeration Nightcrawlers composting worms Organic Fertilizer or email me
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    You can use a Organic Gem a liquid Fresh fish fertilizer (97% fresh fish 3% food grade phospuric acid, same thing that is in soda pop) It's not listed as a insecticide, but when you foliar feed with it the oil in it does help kill the spider mites and you will help feed your plant at the same time. I have used this stuff for over a year now on my vegt. garden and it has never been better. I noticed that there is finally an ad for it in the HT 420 mag. Hope this helps.:thumbsup:

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