Anyone deal with pain from spine herniations?

Discussion in 'Pain Management and Other Drugs' started by t20000, Apr 26, 2015.

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    I currently deal with lots of pain from multiple spine issues, primarily from my lower back lumbar and cervical areas. I have been diagnosed with several disc herniations and cannabis has been aiding me much in my recovery. Anyone else dealing with spine problems and what other drugs other than cannabis have you been using as well?

    Thanks for the great community!
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    I have 3 ruptured cervical disks with possibly a fourth.
    Gabapentin worked great for about a year,Am currently on lyrica been about 2 weeks.
    So far so good I have a lot of nerve pain.
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    Yes here, as well, even a few lumbar surgeries.
    RSO is the only thing that gives me long term relief. I can take an opiate and that helps temporarily.
    There is just something 'special' about the cannabis concentrate that seems to give long term relief, for me. But then, I have my own theory of pain and pain management; after a lifetime of dealing with it.

    Wow! Finally; This section is the biggest improvement here at Cannabis.Com....:doublethumbs:thanks Sundance! Saw the term oxy and had to look to see who would be banned next and what a delightful surprise!!! :thumbsup: pr
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    Not me, but my husband broke just about everything between his neck and his pelvis including various spinal locations in 8 different places. All this on top of suffering with severe lordosis of the spine all his life and bulging discs from an injury as a young man in his 20's. In other words, to say he's "screwed up" is being kind. He has been prescribed the latest and greatest strongest narcotics on the market today with only very minimal relief of pain. This whole grow thing is an effort to find something that will offer him some additional relief. But a few weeks ago, a friend of ours sent home a bottle of the RSO with me for him to try. I didn't hold out much hope since smoking has given him some slight relief, but has worked more in the "taking my mind off the pain" area than actually alleviating any of it, but brought it home for him to try just the same. Hey, who am I to make a call on what will and won't work? LOL Anyway, I'm happy to report that the oil did the trick. It, combined with some good herb strains, has allowed me to see glimpses of the man he was before the accident back in 09. I don't know what it is about that stuff, but it's "some count" for sure. There is a study going on at a local research university with the oil and I'm trying to convince him to let me sign him up. He's not really into doing that though since it would inevitably mean more doctor's appointments and such, but I have a connection to get this stuff from the friend that sent it home with me and I'm going to make sure he has it on hand. I want to see what some long-term use of it might do. Every day I live, I realize more and more that this is one AMAZING plant!! Blessings to all of you! TWW
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    Sure am glad to read a spouse's observations' of how much the RSO/Cannabis Concentrate helps. I ingest it, Rusty told me not to
    ' let it go up in smoke," when I was on it. Since he supplied it and I consider him Nevada's BEST caregiver, I complied!

    I'd love to see more studies done in the orthopedic arena. I had a toe that was hyperextended and over another toe. The doc wanted to operate and the oil cured that issue. I haven't been on the oil in over 2 years and that toe remains in place, where it belongs! In fact, I had many improvements and my back quit hurting, as well. Was taking the oil for other disease and didn't even notice the pain was gone, I had it for so many decades.

    WhiteWidow, try to give him daily doses on a schedule over a few months, instead of when needed and once the pain subsides, reduce the dose and when he is ready, he may be able to do without a daily dose. I was sitting in the docs office in 2012 and when he said, "Where does it hurt?" I realized, I wasn't hurting! A fall a few months ago---it is killing me now! I've done all the traditional modern Western Medications, failed surgeries, etc. With the War on Cannabis, the RSO is fairly difficult to acquire; glad you have a source. I understand why he doesn't want to participate in a study; I detest "more" doctor appointments. Doing something fun, would be my choice, if able.

    Another thing I've been doing for a couple of years now is: I brew my MMJ into an expresso/latte machine; one quarter ground teaspoon in with the ground coffee. I can't seem to get my day started without the MMJ Expresso/Latte; makes the stiff muscles move a little easier and I can stand up straight, again. It lasts from 4-6 hours for me, depending on what I am up to. :thumbsup: pr
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