Anyone ever heard of passing a piss test by

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by NotAFattyDotCom, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. NotAFattyDotCom

    NotAFattyDotCom Registered

    consuming bleach? Like 5 drops in a BIG cup of water and just like chugged? I have a piss test on Tuesday and someone mentioned it to me. To just drop about 5 drops of regular clorox into a cup or water and just chug it and then just keep drinking water constantly. Any suggestions or comments??
  2. BigBlock

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  3. ultimatenyc

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    yeah, because drinking bleach couldnt possibly be harmful to a persons body...
  4. ghettoBlunt

    ghettoBlunt Registered+

    haha ..word right? dude, i wouldnt suggest ingesting bleach
  5. CityBoyGoneCountry

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    Let him drink it. Darwinism in action.
  6. green_gardenr

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    niacin man its at a health store like with the vitamin stuff take a bunch of those and drink tons of water it will suck ull be all itchy but u should pass
  7. bavet

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    WTF are u that stonned to come up that something that stupid?
  8. NotAFattyDotCom

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    Haha, like I said. It's just what I heard. I didn't know if bleach was THAT harmful to you that you wouldn't be able to ingest like 3 drops all diluted by a huge glass of water... But thanks for the advice. I'll just fail it if I have to. It's not for a job or anything. My mom just wants to know if I'm clean, it's not that big of a deal. Haha
  9. BONG0

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    someone is trying to make you sick or they r stupid and dident hear correctly, what you wanna do with the bleach is dip your index finger and your thumb into a cap full let dry and repeat as many times as you think you need to have the bleach dried on your fingers, make sure not to rub it off on the way to the drug test. when you pee you let the urin pass acrost your thumb and finger so it gets into the cup, maybe if u can even rub your fingers togeather in the pee to get it all in there, it will confuse the drug test and ither come up clean or inconclusive.
  10. FakeBoobsRule

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    Drinking bleach will not work. Putting bleach in your urine can be detected.
  11. NotAFattyDotCom

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    What about just a home test. Cause that's all it is. Can the home tests detect bleach?
  12. PotHeed420

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    notafatty, do us all a favor and stop smoking weed untill you get your common sense back.

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