Anyone ever heard of THCV???

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    I'm told that south african sativas have a special type of THC called THCV that produces a high that is visually stimulating and almost hallucinogenic. Wondering if anyone else has heard this or if its just a rumor. Well I hope its true anyway..... I just started a few Malawi Gold seeds and I'm hoping the 112 day flowering is going to be worth the wait.
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    Done a little search

    Done a little search not sure is this what ur looking for?

    Scientists have unveiled an unlikely weapon in the battle against the
    bulge: cannabis. More specifically, one of its key ingredients, which has
    been found to suppress appetite.

    Anyone who has ever inhaled will know the feeling: an inescapable desire to
    eat everything in sight, a state called the munchies. It stems from the
    action of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one of the active ingredients in
    cannabis, on specific appetite-control receptors in the brain. The chemical
    also causes the body to lay down more fat.

    Article continues
    But Roger Pertwee, a neuropharmacologist at Aberdeen University, said
    yesterday at the British Association festival of science that there is more
    to the cannabis story.

    "We've discovered to our surprise that cannabis, as well as containing a
    drug that boosts appetite, contains a drug which has a blocking effect,"
    said Professor Pertwee. "The work so far has been working with tissue and
    we've yet to see what this drug does when we give it to a whole organism
    and what it does when we give it to humans."

    The drug, known as tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), works on the same
    receptors as THC but has entirely the opposite effect. The research will be
    published in the British Journal of Pharmacology.

    THCV is not the first appetite suppressant to be inspired by cannabis. The
    drug Rimonabant works by blocking the brain receptors that the body's own
    cannabinoid compounds - released when we comfort eat - attach themselves
    to. Because the cannabinoids do not reach the receptors in a person taking
    Rimonabant, they will feel less compulsion to eat.

    Why THCV does not manifest itself to people who smoke cannabis is a
    mystery, but Prof Pertwee said it might have something to do with the
    proportions of the various ingredients in the drug. "The relative
    proportions of THC and THCV vary from cannabis to cannabis," he said.

    "There is a large amount of THCV in Pakistani cannabis, which is the one
    used to make a medicine called 'tincture of cannabis'. That contained about
    equal amounts of THC and THCV."

    Prof Pertwee said that there were several promising medicinal compounds to
    be derived from cannabis, both for boosting the effects of the body's own
    cannabinoids and for blocking them.

    Boosting the cannabinoids could bring pain relief, for example, and relieve
    spasms for sufferers of multiple sclerosis. Prof Pertwee added that there
    was also evidence that the compounds had a protective effect against cancer.

    As well as controlling appetite, developing drugs that block the body's
    cannabinoids could help people to quit smoking by stopping nicotine having
    any effect on the brain.

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    I believe Thai is the same way.
    It makes the high very euphoric and visual.

    I have a strain called Durban Thai Highflyer 99 that is South african and thai crossed to C99.:thumbsup: And then back crossed to the Durban Thai high flyer.
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    Yo Musikant (Malawi Gold)

    What happened? I just planted some Malawi the other day. I had heard the same thi about THCV. How did you grow turn out??? I actually planted two strains, but it is the Malawi Gold I am really intrerested in. Also, did you plant the outdor type or the engineered indoor seeds that produce shorter plant? I am using the outdoor seeds, and if they start to get to big for my closet (Height-8 ft.), I guess I'll prune them.

    I posted an original message on the Seeds section with some specific I was looking for, in regard to growing, but anything else you might have would ber seriously appreciated. Malawi sounds like some wicked good stuff, and the THCV sounds exactly like the high I'm looking for. Any feedback

    [My Previous Post]


    Does anyone have experience with these plants? I am about to start gowing them, and I want to know what the footprint of the plants entails. My closet is: L:6', W: 2'-6", H-8'. If I had an idea of the items below, I think I could make a better judgement call about how many seeds to start in regard to appoproximately how many will be male (tossed) vs. how many will completey fill up or utilize all the space in the closet. Appreciate any help, and Thanks!

    Here are the specifics I was hoping for:

    1. Diameter of spread (branches)
    2. Is lateral pruning possible/needed, if the spread exceeds the smallest measurement in the closet, that being 2'-6"? In other words: What Warlock and Malawi'so tolerence to pruning, if it is needed?
    3. How dense is the foliage? Do they need lots of space, or can I pack them closer without a substantial impact in regard to how much light they get?
    4. Height. I'm assuming that a closet with an eight foot ceiling should be ok?
    5. Anything else specific to the plants?

    Thanks again :)

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