anyone ever make weed beer?

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by RedwhitEsonavaB, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. RedwhitEsonavaB

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    anyone ever make beer or liquor with weed? i would like to try it but i have a feeling the thc wont stay the same (chemically) through the boiling and fermenting process.
  2. rudy2010

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    Here is a thought that I have been mulling for years but have never acted upon. You can make a hemp/hops graft onto a pot plat. I have heard that pot is similar to hops and the hops will graft easily onto the pot plant. The hops that results is supposed to be stony like weed.

    This is really old information and could even be a myth. But a little research should tell you if the info is accurate.

    If this works you should be able to make really stony beer. If not just add some tincture, oil or keefe just before bottling. The tincture is probably the best way to infuse beer with thc.

    Let us know what you find and if you can find any info on grafting hops onto marijuana.
  3. MaryJaneSpeakin

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    Total myth read up on basic grafting =D
    Two months ago I had a guy tell me how he grafted two female plants together and it created a hybrid. Lol I got his goat. Yes you can do it but its a waste of time in the cannabis world. Basically if u graft one plant to another its always going to be its own plant. Aka a cherry tree grafted to a orange tree isnt going to make a chorange. You'll have cherries on the graft and oranges elsewhere.

    Yes you can make liquor from weed! Its even made into an ale in some countries and ive personally used it in making wine.

    this even has on old recipe!
    Marijuana In Beer

    the easiest way is like rudy said ".. just add some tincture, oil or keefe just before bottling. The tincture is probably the best way to infuse beer with thc." if your not into master brewing:Rasta:

    "He had three pieces of advice for homebrewers doing a pot beer. First, don't insert the cannabis during the boil-"you'll only destroy it!" Since THC dissolves in alcohol but not water, the beer should ideally have undergone primary fermentation before it's dryhemped. Secondly, for a base, marijuana brewer #2 recommends a beer style that can tolerate a vigorous dryhopping, such as a porter or American pale ale . Lastly, the beer should be consumed as soon as possible for the cannabis to have maximum effect. It's the brewer's experience that THC breaks down in the presence of heat and light, and deteriorates with age. "After a year, your beer may be interesting, but it won't be psychoactive." "
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  4. rudy2010

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    Thanks for the info on the grafting myth. I read that probably 30 years ago in the Conisoures (sp?) Handbook of Marijuana. The book was advanced for its time but still propogated some myths. They did warn about using cochicine (sp?) which folks are still talking about. They also described the other cannabis strains such as cannabis ruderalis, cannabis gigantis and cannabis indicus.

    I am sort of sad to hear you cant :( grow a hops plant that will get you stoned like marijuana. I always dreamed of making a brew with such a plant.

    I just heard of making a tincture with olive oil by leaving the pot in the oil like you do with alcohol. I heard there is some reason the olive oil will get the THC out of the weed like the alcohol does. This experiment is currently in process. I will update with the results.
  5. Dippers

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    My mate made marijuana in beer and I dunno if much of the THC was lost in the process of making it but it still got me baked as hell.
  6. rudy2010

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    Sounds good. Beer + Weed = Good times.:D
  7. StonyV

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    I've made some good wine with a combo of bananas strawberries and some good medicine. Experiments never hurt. If it tastes bad just chase with a shot of cheap vodka. Mine needed no chasing.
  8. melodious fellow

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    Just make green dragon and add some to your beer. :thumbsup: Quicker, easier, cheaper, probably safer, and guaranteed to work. But where is the fun in that right? :D:D:D
  9. rudy2010

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    You can alwaysd make tincture and add that to a beer.

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