Anyone heard of "Lambs Breath"?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by Stonejaw, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Stonejaw

    Stonejaw Registered

    I got some Lambs Breath and was wondering what the reviews of such bud are. I was told it was very high quality but I dont seem to get that much more stoned from it then normal quality.

    Also have any of you heard of Berlin bud?
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  2. linearvermin

    linearvermin Registered+

    I've never heard of lambs breath

    But i've smoked hogs breath before...and it was some good stuff. Great taste and a good relaxed high...Tell me how lambs breath smokes :thumbsup:
  3. O. G. ganja smoker

    O. G. ganja smoker Registered+

    I think you mean lambs bread. A specific high-grade marijuana strain originating in Jamacia, was said to be Bob Marley's favorite strain A skunk variety, finishing in 8-10 wks. Very few people have the real deal,maybe a handful. Not available anywhere that is known the taste and smell are unmistakable. Not like ANY other skunk variety out there, does not even smell similiar more like a breeze of fresh air. In the top five most unique (best) strains on the planet, and one of the least known yea... i dont think its that but dont judge by the name dealers just say them because it moves product faster and they can get you to pay more saying its unique ive never heard of lambs breath but i bet it wouldnt smell to good then :D :jointsmile: :thumbsup:
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    FUNKNUGGET Registered+

    ^I've heard lots of people argue over if it's 'bread' or 'breath'... I beleive it is breath because i've heard it in a lot of raggae songs before... I came up on some in club where it was labeled 'bread' a few months ago... and listen to OG... very uniqe, kinda funky smell/taste/high...
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  5. AlcoholDeficit

    AlcoholDeficit Registered+

    cant trust a reggae song, the dude is high:) My .02 is bread.
  6. worm

    worm Registered+

    Why can't it be breadth?
  7. fUNKYcDOG

    fUNKYcDOG Registered+


    In one of special issues of HT it was "Lamb Bread" I believe. It is an very old school herb from Jamica. Was pretty big back in 70's.

  8. yungjay

    yungjay Registered+

    its mad rare and only came around one time of the year out of a blue moon, and man it wuz that illl it wuz high as hell like 8th and quart prices were crazy, but when u burned it u kno it wuz tha truth, one bowl hit wuld do u in and a blunt had u stuck for hours like seriously high, real intense, energetic and couchlock at the same time it wuz craazzzzzzzzzy
  9. altoids

    altoids Registered+

    Is it a Hybrid?
  10. AlcoholDeficit

    AlcoholDeficit Registered+

    Cerevantes Grow Book says Bread and as a side note it says that Bob Marley said it was his favorite pot. Just saying might be something to that.
  11. blairsteelers

    blairsteelers Registered

    i have tried lambs breath and it was the best bud i have ever had.
  12. MadSativa

    MadSativa Registered+

    Its bread it gets its name from the way people used to chop it up. The buds were large like a loaf of bread, a lid or an oz. (give or take) would look like a slice of bread. That is how compact and big the colas would get. I saw some real lambs bread the same time I saw some real tie stick. About 15 years ago. when he cut into the lambs bread he used a serated knife and the bud did taste differant and was very pleasent. but it always made you choke. the lung expansion was very good in this strain. The high was good as well however it has been 15 years and I think something like diesel or bluberry or bubblegum have a far better high (more potent) Lambs breath is a band or mabey thats Lamb, I dont know but I know if its real Lambs bread it is a part of history.
  13. O. G. ganja smoker

    O. G. ganja smoker Registered+

    i think it was a pure landrace sativa i remember from the cannabible it also said what mad sativas talking about
  14. tha del sound

    tha del sound Registered+

    when i saw a title with lamb's breath in it, i got all stoked because i thought i would share that it was bob's favorite strain, but it appears everyone already knows that! i thought i was gonna have something cool to contribute.

    i've seen it in co-ops as both bread and breath. but mad sativas story sounds pretty believable.
  15. OntarioToker69

    OntarioToker69 Registered+

    Lamb's Breath is a Jamaican Landrace Sativa.
    I Recently watched a documentary about Jamaican Rasta Men.
    The Young guys like 20 years old were growing Blueberry,Skunk
    and Purple Strains.They asked a young guy if there were still the classics like lamb's Breath.He Said it was around,But never really exported.he Said it was grown by older guys like 60 -70 years old,
    for their personal consumption.
  16. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    I have always assumed that the term 'Lamb's Bread' has a spiritual lean to it. Bread being the food of the humble, and the Lamb referring to Jesus.

    It is actually Lamb's BREAD by the way.
  17. OntarioToker69

    OntarioToker69 Registered+

    The Documentary I Watched Had Subtitles For the young Rasta man when he spoke because his accent was so thick.
    It certainly sounded like he said lamb's breath and the subtitles said lamb's breath.But I bet they Say "Bread" and "Breath" there as well.
    (they were in Jamaica)
  18. MadSativa

    MadSativa Registered+

    ^^ What was the Documentary called? It sounds cool
  19. OntarioToker69

    OntarioToker69 Registered+

    I Honestly have no Idea it was on Canadian Cable.
    I Believe the channel was IFC if you are familiar with the network.
    If you have the channel on your tv just keep an eye on that channel,they might play it again.I think Bobby Black of High Times is in it too.
  20. Shovelhandle

    Shovelhandle Registered+

    Yes, I remember Lamb's Bread that friends smuggled back from Jamaica in 1970. They also spoke of "King's Bread" which the local rastas kept to themselves (wouldn't sell).

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