Anyone know any good seedbanks that ship to Australia?

Discussion in 'Australia - New Zealand' started by Growerhead, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. Growerhead

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    Anyone else here from NSW or some where in australia?? . Looking for a good seed bank that can pass customs in australia and get delivered. Any thoughts??

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    Any luck ?
  3. cannabis-seeds

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    Hi, I represent Gorilla Seeds on the forum - we're a sponsor.

    Since we started international shipping several months ago, we haven't had any reported problems.

    We've had several shipments go into Australia successfully, but I'm working with a forum member on another site who's had their shipment sitting in customs for about 3 weeks now. He also had a shipment from someone else (not seeds) say delivered when he tracked it, but he never got it - so at this point, we're not sure if it's something related to him or the specific shipment. He's in Perth if that helps you with your decision.

    As far as I know that was the only Perth shipment - the ones to Sidney & other regions have gone through without a hitch.

    My suggestion would be to set up a safe address & place small orders - Australian customs is notoriously tough.

    If you'd like to give it a try, you can see what we have to offer here - Cannabis Seeds | World Wide Delivery from Gorilla Seed Bank
    We're still loading up seeds, so if you want something that you don't see, let me know - if it's on the list of breeders we have waiting to go up, I can try to get it moved to the front of the line.

    Any questions, just ask.

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    Damn, I'm in perth too.
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    i go through Weed Seeds Australia (linked it for you). free seeds stealth shippin, bitcoin etc.

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