anyone know of a cool Doc?

Discussion in 'New Mexico (NM)' started by waynester, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. StonerCasper

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    a fellow card holder

    well, im so glad that there are patients out there that want to help other patients! i've been a card holder for about a month now and i cant seem to be able to hook up with any one that has a card in New Mexico! I am haveing a very difficult time and could use some support from another person going through the same obsticals as i am! I also just recieved my Personal Producers License and just when i thought that my situations couldnt get anymore confusing and hard im here with both my card totaly clueless!
  2. coolslayer

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    I would tell you how to contact me,but they keep deleting my posts when I do that.

  3. johnnnybackside

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    I am looking for a Doctor In Albuquerque

    Does anyone know a doctor in Albuquerque.
    Thank you for the help
  4. mikenm77

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    im a vet

    I m not sure if i can help you but I am a disabled veteran myself and I got my medical marijuana card through sage neuroscience center for PTSD and anxiety. If you suffer from ptsd and reoccurring nightmares about Iraq or Afghanistan I would recommend you check out sage neuroscience. If you just google New Mexico medical marijuana doctors it will bring up a list. I myself am a disabled unemployed vet living on 900 dollars a month.
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    Does anyone knows of a doctor or nurse in Deming, Silver City, Or Lordsburg.
  6. coolslayer

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    No,but I know of a doctor in T or C.
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    Referrals state-wide

    New Mexico Nurses Association - A Constituent Member Association of the American Nurses Association
    call them and ask for a CNP in your area
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    Dr. Elting......THEE DOCTOR is travling these days. She does come to cruces to meet patients. Her fees have gone up a little and she doesn't take insurance, but if you qualify, she will help you get to your ultimate goal. We have actually become friendly with eachother. She is a great lady!
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    Your right she is a nice lady. When I was looking for a DR. I talked with her over the phone and she did seem like a caring person. She was not able to help with my case but it all worked out.
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    What is this and where is this number? I am a Chonic pain / RSD patient and a VA patient as well. I need a Doc and Specialist. Anyone help..........please.........
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    where are you located rattmann1971
  12. rattmann1971

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    I would like to IM you as well but can't. please email me. any help is greatly appreciated.
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    My email say wrong email address for you instant messanger says you are off line I sent you a freinds request if you accept it you will be able to see my email address
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    did you get my email or sign on to instant messanger
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    cool. I'm loading yahoo IM to my iphone now lol
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    In santa fe theres a good doc who is all for the cannabis his name is Kurt Kastieneck, he is a doc at Unity Medical
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    my thoughts also......
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    Any of you Vets out there that have been diagnosed with PTSD and can't get the VA to certify your paper work PM me. I've been diagnosed with PTSD and am the proud holder of both a Med Card and Personal Production License and we moved to New Mexico from Colorado about 7 months ago - so it was a fairly quick process for me.
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    BigMac there is no pm here if you want to let people contact you you'll have to add contact info in your user control page

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