anyone know of a cool Doc?

Discussion in 'New Mexico (NM)' started by waynester, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. BigMacCOMMJ

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    Tried to add info but couldn't find it - I'm gonna try and post my email for people to contact me:

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  2. yellowsnow

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    Any update on good Doc's?
  3. alfonso2002

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    what kind of doc are you looking for? And in what area?
  4. yellowsnow

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    For good MMJ Doc. I have well documented Painful Peripheral Neuropathy (shingles) I'm about 250 mi. from Albq. in New Mexico
  5. deserthealer

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    if you are 250 mi South from Abq, there are several options. With the documentation you say you have, it should be a fairly easy process.

    good luck!
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  6. yellowsnow

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    I'm actually near portales is this one close?
  7. deserthealer

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    nope, sorry. the ones I had in mind are in Las Cruces.
  8. yellowsnow

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    Cruces is ok if they are good.
  9. yellowsnow

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    Any good ones in Albuquerque or Santa Fe. Google doesn't give me much to go on.

  10. CannaHub

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    Professional, no bullshit experience for well documented medical cannabis program applicants.

    Pain Specialist for second signature for Severe Chronic Pain.
    It takes about one week to schedule, two quick office visits and $170 cash.
    You get a six page report on your condition and all the completed paperwork for the pain specialist portion of your application.
    I would like to see the cost come down to a normal office visit expense, ($20 -$40) but then who wouldn't? Other then that it was a good experience and not shady in the least!

    Anthony P. Reeve, M.D.
    Industrial Rehabilitation Clinics, P.C.
    P.O. box 9127
    Albuquerque, NM 87199-1270
    fax 505.797-7686
  11. alfonso2002

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    Thank You CannaHub for that post.
  12. firestartersydd

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    Hey Deserthealer, would you mind getting ahold of me? Im a previous card holder living in Ruidoso and I need to renew my paperwork. Las Cruces is probably the closest bet for me, cause I really dont want to drive to albuquerque, lol. Any help would be awesome, and you can email me at XXXXXXXXXXXXX ( Its been awhile since ive been on here and i have no idea how to send a personal message) Thanks so much.
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  13. CFO

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    Sorry to have to inform you, but "deserthealer" passed away. You can still find her clinic...Full Circle or in the phone book. There are other nurse practitioners working there that sign the papers. If you contact the Las Cruces producer, just provide your patient ID #, they might be able to help you with other doctors who are signing.
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  14. firestartersydd

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    Oh wow, Im sorry for the loss of those that knew her. Well thank you so much for the info. I tried to contact the clinic a few months ago to no avail, but I will definitely try again. Thanks so much.
  15. Dr.Green

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    If there is anyone in the Las Cruces area seeking information about Dr's please come see us at Dr. Green Hydroponics at 129 e Idaho ave las cruces NM. All info is free, and while your at it you can brows southern New Mexico's largest Indoor Garden Supply.
  16. Dr.Green

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    Im suprised and touched to find words about/from my mother "deserthealer" here. I would have never thought it. Regardless she lives on in the actions of her children. Info on the NM MMJ can be found at Dr. Green Hydroponics, including the best doctors.

    STONEGROOVE Registered

    Ummm hey dude this number is no help.I called and they said the nearest office to albuq would be riverside cali????!!!!!!
  18. pinkcar

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    yes--bad number
  19. hortman

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    Could anyone give me some advice. I have sciatic nerve chronic pain. What is the process in getting a Medical Card. I have no medical history and realize i will have to go through different Doctors to establish this. I am in Santa Fe but willing to go to ABQ. Any recoomedations with any doctors or clinics would be helpful. I do not want to use surgery or other meds.
  20. suzie74653

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    How in the world do you post on here? I am new to this and see how to reply but cannot post. I have a son with ptsd and depression and 5 other disabilities and he needs this stuff to function on a daily basis sometimes. I am wondering how to claim a address to get the card to travel to NM every 2-3 months to get some. you asked about cool docs are there any there that will help youi get the card WITHOUT being a resident?

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