Anyone used Dr. John's Pee Pee?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by smkhabit, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. smkhabit

    smkhabit Registered

    I'm getting ready to go to the UA and wondering if anyone has ever used Dr. John's Pee Pee before or heard anything about it?:D
  2. Youreface

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    No, Dr.john sounds like a creepy guy anyway.

    If you haven't bought it yet and are looking for a quality product (i'm assuming you're talking about synthetic urine.) then Get quickfix and read the substitution sticky at the top of the drug testing forum.
  3. killerweed420

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    Haven't used it before. It appears to be a powder.WOuld take a little longer to setup and do right than a liquid synthetic urine. But appears to be safe to use for drug tests. I see that they are also the developers of the urinator. :jointsmile:
  4. Jerry G

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    It works just fine...
  5. STIMPY21

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    Dr johns is a liquid, It worked when I used it several times a few years back when I had to suffer the indignity. However, thank the lord I no longer grovel at the pee trough before the swine. I had a year long thread about my personal suffering with this on OG titled I had to piss today. My condolences to all that have to piss to earn their wages. Drug testing especially RANDOMS should be OUTLAWED, and anyone that participated in their administration should be hunted down like theiving rats and tortured to the satisfaction of their victims. Sorry I'm stoned on very good hash
  6. smkhabit

    smkhabit Registered

    Smoke on Stimpy!! :jointsmile:
  7. kaptn83

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    I had a piss test for a job at syncrude. I used the urinator with Dr johns pee pee. They checked the temp it was good than they smelt it. Which is the second thing they do and thier is absolutely no odour to dr johns pee pee. So she told me i had to go to the waiting room drink water and piss again. well the urinator was empty and i was fucked. Use your clean friends piss. DO NOT USE DR JOHNS PEE PEE! unless you know they dont check odour.
  8. Burnt Toast

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    If both you and the sample collector had taken any courses and training in urology, both of you would then realize that a lack of odor can also be had in some human urine samples as well. You wouldve been able to put on a defense and raise a stink. The collector was wrong in rejecting the sample based solely on a "no-odor" condition.
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