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Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by bluntman & chronic, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. bluntman & chronic

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    Hey guys,

    Been flowering for almost 2 weeks and have identified the males and removed them. Out of 12 seeds we ended up with 4 males, not bad eh? At the next water change (Sunday) we will be changing nutes from Aqua Vega A + B to Aqua Flores A + B.

    Do I start on full strength Flores or half strength?

    I also bought some Canna Boost Accelerator, does anyone know the best time to add the boost? Do I add the boost to the reservoir without nutes?

    Thanks guys, any help would be appreciated.

    ***Growing ICE and Bubbleicious in mylar coated room approx 5ft wide and 7ft tall with intake and exhaust fans, PH at 6.2 approx, Temp at 82 degrees, 1 x 600w HPS for flowering, using Aqua Vega A + B nutes (at the moment) on full strength, full NFT setup with rockwool cubes***
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  2. greenboy

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    Add canna boost first with fresh water it dosnet affect the cf much prob 1 or 2.. then bring cf level back up too what you want, my tank was 25l so i put the recormended 50 ml at evey water change,, you must be about 6 weeks in now looking at the date u posted,, heres mine now 6 1/2 weeks in flower ak 47, in aqua farm... lets have a look at yours want too compare... 1st time grower!!!

    not sure if too start flush yet??

    loving it green boy


  3. onequickmove

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    i'm sorry; i need to be slapped and wake up from the beautiful dream of bud-topia


    1st timer? kudos my man, kudos; those are easily some of the best buds i've seen on this site; good on ya
  4. onequickmove

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    looks to me like you could start flushing but i'm hardly an expert
  5. greenboy

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  6. greenboy

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  7. bluntman & chronic

    bluntman & chronic Registered

    Hey Guys,

    Heres an update, we are 6 days from harvest now and currently flushing. What do you reckon? not bad for a first time grow?
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  8. hydrocannabis

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    got any new pix.
  9. greenboy

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    pix pix
  10. bluntman & chronic

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    Hey guys, sorry about that, I thought I'd uploaded the pix but apparently I was wrong.

    Tell me what you think of these babies. They are now harvested and dry. They smoke great, smell great but I've found a few seeds amongst the bud, how is that possible from female plants? Anyone?

    Ice and Bubbleicious. 3 month grow from germination to harvest. Two happy cultivists.

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  11. greenboy

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    Looking good!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Looks like you had some cracking buds,, nice one, what sort of weight did u get,,,
    Choped mine down few week ago now dryed for 5 6 day and lovely now,, well nice smelling and smoking,,,, first grow as well,, ye har,,,,
    Not sure about seeds in the ladys but one question where they sold as ladys only!!!!! or mixed????

    green boy over and out:jointsmile:




  12. bluntman & chronic

    bluntman & chronic Registered

    Is that some sort of sea of green technique you were using there?

    Great buds man, they look huge good work. We planted 12 and had to remove 4 males, we didnt start with guaranteed female seeds. Could it be possible we ended up with a hermaphrodite? Do they produce good bud and seeds too?
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  13. evertking

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    looks damn good!
  14. greenboy

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    I think they are just as good, the bud i mean if seeds are in there,,That what i was thinking!! hermaphrodite,,,,,??? but not sure,, it smokes good dont it>>hehehe... iv had loads of weed in the passed and its had seeds in it,, surpose its ok if it hits the spot..

    green boy

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