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    I am a professional Aquaponist. That is I set up aquaponic systems for people. This is using aquatic animals like fish, that produce waste, which is broken down by bacterias into uptakable n-p-k. This is all organic, and my brand new prototype needs no water removal, no flushing, no cleaning, and it is totally self-sustaining. All one does is feed the fish and top off every 3 weeks. I even have automated fish feeders.

    I'm a medical marijuana patient, and I've decided to use my system to grow cannabis. I found a cutting-edge way of injecting organic bloom ferts into the lavarock pots without killing the fish, but still maximizing p-k. Micronutes abound because it is a topped off with hardwater; perfectly loaded with micronutes. I got frogs, Goldfish, Cichlids, Koi, snails, self-sustaining duck weed that supplements feed, worms, ladybugs, dragonflies, and a few Mollies. My nitrates run at about 1200 ppm, all organic, and I have the ability to inject direct nutes into the root system using my own technique.

    I also have a leaching/flushing technique through a seperate system.

    This is all organic, self sustaining, and I grow tomatoes, parsley, basil, lettuce, squash, various bog plants, strawberries, and a few others. This system feeds me, and provides me with very potent medicine. My last harvest of Og Kush (will post pics), and Grandaddy Purple (Will post pics), smoked better than any of the top grades at the local dispensaries here in California. It was high yield, organic, smooth smoke, massive trichomes, and rapid growth.

    I'd be happy to answer any questions reguarding my 3 years of research in the field of aquaponics.

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    Aquaponic Cheese, G13, 0G KUSH, 3rd Dimension, Grand Daddy Purple

    Early vegging shots. Optimal water temperature with self adjusting ph. No matter how much hard water I added, the ph just stayed at 7.1. Nitrites dropped off to nothing and high nitrate levels. The tomato plants exploded to 12 feet tall in 2 months. Cheeze vegged fast with the organic frog poo. 10 percent of the water wasted with hydro or farming.

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    28 Days Into Flower - Aquaponics

    Still no maintenance to the system. Had to nurse a Koi. The plants were blooming vigorously. Added extra fish tank, and continuous direct organic bloom injections into roots, every 3 hours.

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    Aquaponic Cannabis- Close to harvest

    Taking some microscope shots to get optimal harvest point. Super resin production, very very sticky.

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    Aquaponic Cannabis - THE ORIGINAL CHEESE

    Check out this girl! She is soaking up the Cichlid and North American Bullfrog poo. She is also getting biobloom directly injected into roots every 3 hours. Expected yield: 1/4 pound. I haven't done much but just feed the fish...

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    I put a kitten in my res but it died, I think.
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    Aquaponics Update

    Check out these pics of Cheese, G13, and Og Kush grown with fish. I'm in the process of harvesting and yields were heavy. Yield from my 1 Cheese plant was a little over 3 ounces dry processed bud. Will post pics soon, top shelf dense big buds...

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    More pics Aquaponic Cannabis - Cheese and GDP

    Just harvested, half of the Cheese is dry. 1 plant got about 3 ounces, organic aquaponic baby.... :jointsmile:

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    More nugs

    Check it.
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    Is this root injection method something you can share? Not too many people grow this way but it's reputed to get great.
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    Root Injection

    I use a special method to get bloom nutes in there. They are at super high levels and the aquawater only supplements during bloom.

    I use small tubing, which is drilled into the sides of the pots. The method is no secret but the tolerances are insane. I inject approximately 100 ml of high concentration organic bloom nutrients every 3 hours to each blooming plant via a separate 25 gallon container which has its own air pump.

    Its automated and I fill the reservoir every week or so. The amounts have to be just right, I overshot it first and got nute burn and lockup on 1 plant. I dumbed it down and I had to experiment with the mixture for awhile. Now I get optimal ppm; in the lavarock itself where the roots are it reads around 1400 ppm bloom, and the water is around 750-800.

    I'll post pics of the unit later, its rather simple but like I said its in the mixture, amounts, type, and intervals of delivery that make all the difference.:Rasta:

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    please excuse my spelling...

    i have read about this science and have done some experiments with the crap that came from my 6ft lake malawi ciclid tank. also with pirhana. by just adding it to the pots but.....

    i can instantly see the comertial benifit of this type of system and i can also see the benifit to people in 3rd world countries where added nutrients are hard to come by...

    to make it a succes all you have to do is set up a measured system. by this i mean one that people can buy, set up and run with virtualy no training.

    i would think that at the moment this system needs constant care and attention... youll say it doesnt because you have become an expert in this field and have a feel for what needs to be added/taken away by instincked.

    but i would probable kill the fish and the plants in weeks...

    for example.... if you could write an equation which showed X amount of a certain type of fish getting fed F amount of food in T amount of time will provide enough nutrients for P amount of plants. which will yield Y amount in weight.

    as certain types of fish are used in different countries as food stocks, you would need to work out which fish produce what sort of nutes and in what sort of quantities.... so potential customers could cost effect the differing types of systems you had on offer.

    mate i think your on the edge of science with this. dont stop pushing and get this system out on the market....

    if you could incorperate vegitarian fish into the mix that eat fallen leaves, old roots, or algy. you might just have a self sustainable food source not only needed in space travel but also in china and other place where food or space is tight...

    could you base the system on algy. the sun is usaly availiable at any place on the planets surface or in space and its free... if the base food was a fast growing algy. then off you go...

    i suppose your could be called GOD now lol as youve made a 100% self suffient ecosystem.


    have you call NASA????


    what reasearch have you done in terms of finding the most productive fish.
    and in terms of the most productive base food source????

    also is there any way to limit the water losses even thurther to make this usable in drought prone areas???

    actualy if this was in a bubble you could recycle the oxygen, co2, food, nutes, moisture in the air.... every thing. as there is a plant or animal on this earth for everthing you would need...

    ps... do the fish like bud hahahahaha

    peace out foggyman...:hippy:
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    More details

    I have more information reguarding my research, I've released it on youtube and its pending approval. I will post the link as soon as I get it. I'd like to create some interest here so when I do get specific you guys will see it.

    Stay tuned....:thumbsup:

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    Got an amazing harvest of medicine. Cheers.

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    Hello, i was wondering if we could meet up to discuss aquaponics and if your services are available. Cheers, StheL
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    sure :) message me
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    New Harvest Pics

    Check out these new pics of the last of my harvest. I'm going to be setting up a new aquaponic system which will be downsized and more efficient. The water volume is important to keep up, and I will try to maintain at least 500 gallons in the system for stability. It will be designed with the intent of low-maintenance. I'm going to shoot for a 4 week no-maintenance period with fishfeeders and 45 gallon excess ballast-res type system with double redundant spill-tubes.

    I want to be able to set up a system, cycle it, monitor and take readings, then leave it up for a month without having to do anything. I can simply set this up remotely and have it work on its own. I'm also thinking about growing catfish or perch, as Tilapia are illegal in my area.

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    New pics- Will stay posted

    Continuing on with Aquaponic research. I'll be updating this forum regularly and am in the process of moving my grow operation. Good luck and thanks for reading my posts.....
    AquaponicHerb - Aquaponic Grower

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