Aquarium water?

Discussion in 'Closet / Cabinet Growing' started by adam59600, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. adam59600

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    :question: Does anyone know about watering your plants with water from a fish aquarium? I was figuring the fish poop may do the girls some good.
  2. Rusty Trichome

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    If you add chemicals to the tank for ph balance, nitrate and/or ammonia removal, algae control...I wouldn't use it. Commercially available fish emultions are pre-composted and balanced for gardening. :thumbsup:
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    Good point, i figure if i had a 10 gallon tnak or something i could. because in those small tanks you really dont have to control the ph. My aquarium is 75 gallons and i have to continuously control the ph and amonia levels.
  4. Rusty Trichome

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    I do coral reefing, (saltwater) which is definitely out of the question. :thumbsup:
  5. JD1stTimer

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    I put aquarium water on my plants a lot and it doesn't seem to do any damage.
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  7. JD1stTimer

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    ^ Adam59600 the smaller the tank the more the chemistry and temperature fluctuate. The bigger the tank it's actually more stable, which is why saltwater systems are usually done in large tanks, saltwater must be kept in much more strictly controlled parameters. My 29 takes less maintenance than my 10. Although I always use my ten for ecosystem experiments. My record so far: five generations of platies in 4 years without a single water change and no food added, just distilled water added to replace evaporation. My most recent was with tetras and I never could get them to breed. The original livestock died in about 3 years and then I just let the tank dry up and now there are some plants still living without water. They are just getting water from the gravel, and I don't even have the lights running. I don't think those plants will live much longer, but every week they keep surprising me by still being alive. Once the gravel dries up though, they will be toast. Maybe then I'll experiment with some clones in the tank, see if the enclosed environment makes them mold or something.
  8. Weedhound

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  9. JD1stTimer

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    That's a good posting. I never did think about the salt content due to the fish food. I wonder why they put so much salt in the fish food? Do the fish like the taste of salt? Or are they trying to cause high blood pressure so we will buy fish accupril? Anyway, I replace 20-25% of my water per week, and restore evaporative losses with distilled water. If you do that I wouldn't expect it to get too salty, and if there's much ammonia or nitrite your fish will not look very good. In that posting it seems to make the assumption that the reader is taking very poor care of his tank. But the salt is something to be aware of, I had never considered that angle before. I wonder if aquarium water really typically has a conductivity of 1? That would put some hurting on a plant.
  10. Weedhound

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    jd i believe freshwater fish tolerate high sodium content simply because they are fish and completely different than your cannnabis plant.. In fact sea salt in various doses are used to treat some diseases in freshwater fish as well. i peronally like to go with things that are made, tested etc to avoid any probs down the road from "unique" practices for several reasons; not the least of whhich I consider needing very quality medicine for my illneess and so use only supplired etc that i trust. also sooner or later we Will run up against some issue and I reallly dont want another wrench in there jamming up the works and adding to the mess.

    the author of that post is someone who's knowledge i put great stock in but alll we growers are different.

    good luck
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  11. kodo123

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    Have undergroud filter in55 gal tank. Used back flush seemed to work great on a kona plant. only used during veg.
  12. harrybuzz

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    how about pond water

    i have some gold fish in a fifty gal. pond and i would like to use it for watering, but i am worried about introducing a bacteria or fungus.

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